Winter Wedding High Up On The Mountain Peak By Roland Faistenberger Photography

It’s cold outside, the wind is blowing and if we’re lucky, is snow already! The whole country is covered with a glittering white sugar blanket that grinds so nice at the pass. Sometimes not much damn beautiful wedding pictures it takes. Weather had starred for this winter wedding high up on the mountain peaks. The mountain peaks on its doorstep and thanks to gondola in thirty minutes above. The bride and

groom and the photographer have worked perfect. They took but also the right time for the Brautpaarshooting. Sometimes something incredibly beautiful can be conjured up just with relatively little effort. Thank you Roland Faistenberger for this fantastic series of photos!

What moment was at its worst during the wedding planning and what guess her future couples?
Many preparations can drive one crazy. But on the wedding day should then turn off & focus on the moment. Simply spend a wonderful day!

Do it yourself tip of the bride:
Just combine the mountain shoes with wedding dress :))

The best moment for you on the day of the wedding?
As we stood on the mountain, the wind blowing around and gazed into the distance.

Again, what would you do?
Mountains are very important for us, the environment reflected our attitude.

Photographer: Roland Faistenberger
Wedding dress: Elf dress
Shoes: ow-mountain shoes:)
Hair: Elke Grießmayr
Florist: Thomas Poganitsch
Location: Nordkette Innsbruck

Have you seen the bride’s bouquet from Willow catkins? Wonderful aptly chosen!
To thank you for your consent to show these beautiful pictures here! Thanks Roland!