Who Inherits The Book “Just Married”?

On February 25 I had presented the new wedding guide “Just married” by Stefanie Luxat & Brigitte. One could participate Zudemm also in the raffle of a copy by you convinced me with good arguments.

That has made the Mimi, her below ground…

But why would this wonderful book just right for me? Oh there I can name quite a few reasons! 😉
I’m newly engaged. On Valentine’s day, my love has made me incredibly romantic marriage proposal. We want to get married next year. Still plenty of time for planning. Or not? Because right now, we are actually still very haphazard and hardly know what we need to look for and where we should start.
Therefore I’m now in the endless expanse of the Internet in the search for helpful tips and ideas. But such a book would be certainly a great thing to our planning from the outset to accompany and support or to get 😉 in the course Of course we want a special wedding – like everyone 🙂
But how to we get the best that? I’m currently quite overwhelmed and helpless. Because although we have about a year’s time, I would like to prepare quite a bit and gather ideas. So the whole not in stress to degenerate. Indeed, I believe that the preparation time will be great.
But now I have enough geschwafelt 😀
Love greetings!

So love Mimi-congratulations to the book won. You will receive an email from me today…

She has however earned won, or?