West Papua – The Wild Warriors of The Baliem Valley

Go to an unknown area with old traditions and meet people who are still one with nature. Indonesia offers a wealth of exciting travel destinations. One particularly interesting region, however, is the remote Baliem Valley. A visit to the Baliem Valley in West Papua takes you right into the heart of the pristine, still unspoiled part of Indonesia. It is located in the heart of the Indonesian province of West Papua in the far east of the country on the island of New Guinea – the second largest in the world. The province offers untamed nature, dense forests, mountains and wild rivers. Discover the pristine jungle on foot and experience the animal and natural world up close on the day hike through the Baliem Valley.

This is an example of a tour we have taken to this remote part of Indonesia and should serve as a source of inspiration. Of course, the itinerary including the destinations can be adjusted and we would be happy to work out a tour tailored to your interests and budget.

West Papua - The Wild Warriors of The Baliem Valley 3

Best travel time: June to September

Travel time: 5 days

Travel planning: It should be noted that the region is still one of the most remote on our planet and there is little tourist infrastructure.

Tip: Combine the trip to the remote Baliem Valley with a round trip to Sulawesi and / or a stay on one of the remote islands on Raja Ampat .

Day 1: Jayapura – Wamena
Arrival in Jayapura and onward flight to Wamena, the capital of the Baliem Valley. There you will leave your luggage at the hotel and visit a traditional market. Experience the local market, where fruits, vegetables, Tragnetze, bows and arrows, tools and traditional penis tubes called kotekas are on sale. Overnight in Wamena.

Day 2: Traditional Villages
We will drive to Sogokmo village, which is the starting point for the hike to Dani village. The hike is easy and leads through beautiful scenery. You will have the chance to experience the local fauna up close (approx. 3 hours).
At the end of the hike, you will come to a salt spring, where Dani women will demonstrate the traditional way of their traditional salt production. After lunch they visit villages, where they are shown an idolized mummy around three hundred years old.

West Papua - The Wild Warriors of The Baliem Valley 2

Day 3: Baliem Tal
By car you will reach the starting point of your five to six hour hike. First you cross the raging river on a suspension bridge. Then the hiking route leads up and down the mountain slopes on nature trails and trails, to the Baliem River and through fantastic wild landscapes. Along your way you will come across small Dani settlements, fields and beautiful nature. You will meet warm locals who sometimes walk for days to their remote villages.

Day 4: Pig Festival
Pigs are considered valuable in New Guinea and are also used as a means of payment or as a dowry at weddings. The animals are only slaughtered on special occasions, such as the pig festival. All residents of the village and the neighboring villages come together on this occasion. The festival sometimes takes place to welcome visitors (tourists).

After an early breakfast in the lodge, the approx. 5.5-hour transfer takes place. Today you will spend the day in a Dani village. The traditionally dressed villagers will warmly invite you to watch the preparations for the pig festival. The pig is roasted on hot stones and eaten with sweet potatoes. You can experience the entire ritual and learn how the earth oven is elaborately prepared and heated. Attending this festival is such a special experience that it can hardly be put into words.

Day 5: Wamena – Jayapura
Today it is time to say goodbye to the wild nature. A short flight will bring you back to Jayapura.

West Papua - The Wild Warriors of The Baliem Valley