Week of Weddings and Much Cuore for Celebrities

And why are not going to start this new summary of the best of the week in Poprosa with a celebration of love. Therefore clear that Yes, that is always well see a point of happiness in the celebrities then well war giving. Therefore, we started with weddings and other matters of the cuore feature, especially for the wedding of the week, the of Matthew McConaughey and Camila Alves.

And along with a lot of heart…

Other news of weddings has caught us by surprise was the of Miley Cyrus… I don’t know how this will end…

  • Already preparing the frocks that Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth are promised
  • Papa Cyrus gets bad just thinking that he marries her little Miley…
  • Miley Cyrus will marry, but his brother no longer
  • Weddings Bunker: To see how get you the goal by the Navy to Iniesta
  • Carolina Cerezuela and Carlos Moyá increase the family, couple congratulations!
  • This is a Buddhist monk and chosen the Brangelina wedding date… and no, this not a joke
  • Bad news for the males of the world: Sofía Vergara is back with her boyfriend
  • There is a great game waiting for you poprosero: Leticia Sabater seeks boyfriend
  • It looks like Mary Kate Olsen will not longer call Sarkozy… ‘Cuñaooo’
  • To see if we clarify!, which now says Soraya Arnelas anything from wedding
  • Lightning breaks: Marta Sánchez back again
  • And another girl for Alyson Hannigan!

A magazine where it is

What better to pick up a magazine and see what is happening on the enamel-paper…

  • Only Blake Lively can be divine with a look “tomatito”
  • Irina Shayk, you know that warm staff
  • Andrew Garfield, you know that to conquer the couche paper
  • Charlie Sheen is still giving the birdseed that gives pleasure
  • Selena Gomez, pretty square on the cover of Elle
  • Poprosa’s kiosk: covers and more covers of magazines (from 8 to 14 June)

Between tweets and retuits

What has is cooked on Twitter this week? So with that that we are in the middle of euro, which less than a little nation with this image of Bustamante and his daughter…

  • Bustamante and her daughter, fully equipped, urging ‘The Red’
  • Go with what awaits you Liam Hemsworth on her wedding night…
  • The cuts come to the Red: Sergio Ramos lost the mane
  • Do candidates to call Zac Efron?… maybe millions

And so far, this new overview of best of Poprosa next week more and better. Yourselves.