Wedding Planner Susanna Suter by Starry Sky of Weddingevents

Sometimes you don’t get around to leave his familiar surroundings to discover new. Something I’ve learned in the last year, is to establish new contacts and to maintain this network. And it’s fun to know many service providers finally personally and not only in the virtual world me huge. Some I could at the Xmas Splash the wedding reunion Crashers Switzerland in December and soon close some new acquaintances at the wedding meet up Switzerland in Zurich. Really good and you find how to together grow almost to a small family.

Personal meeting entails great projects and ideas that you want to implement in the future together. One of them emerged with Sandra Mac photography .Thanks to your commitment, we met with Susanna Suter, Wedding Planner by SternenHimmel WeddingEvents for an interview at the Hotel Palace in Lucerne.

Wedding planning, a lot can go wrong it is exhausting and time consuming.Some of you do this with links and others are glad when you it can trust someone. However, it takes a great deal of trust, the right communication and lots of flair for this task. The first getting to know quickly shows whether you are sympathetic or not. Only when a good feeling can be trusted on it, that the planned project will also succeed.

I had that good feeling from the outset with Susanna. That’s why I was equal to fire and flame for this interview with her.

Susanna, since when does your agency SternenHimmel WeddingEvents?

Since last year.

How did you get the name?

Before the wedding agency I founded the SternenHimmel events Agency. We organize there only events with charitable background. The Agency name is based on the martyr of Laurentius and his legend:

To honor, there is that him every year “Notte di San Lorenzo”. Known as the night of the shooting stars. A night where wishes come true. In short: The Agency SternenHimmel was born to make people happy. Therefore, the wedding comes to area, because I can make people happy at weddings…

What are your strengths? What is your specialty?

I feel very good people and listen to their needs and desires and try them as accurately as possible to implement. Since my specialty is my high level of service, and if the requests are also feasible, this I manage.

Planning also destination weddings, so weddings that take place abroad?

Yes very likely. Especially like on Mallorca, there emerged with a short journey to another world and with a wide range of costs carried out a wonderful wedding.

How do you view the creative work? Are you the customer first proposals or you achieving them together with your customers?

Depending on the need. At the first meeting I listen simply, what are the wishes and ideas. At the latest since my mental cinema starts to run and the creativity process is underway.

There are couples who know exactly what they want and others need more support.

When is it worth it to hire a wedding planner?

Always! A good wedding planner are peace and stability in the wedding preparation. The most important day, the bride and groom will be led through the day and worn and it can engage on all emotions.

What can your customers you expect and what is not?

You can expect from me, that I’m trying to implement your wishes, have the time in the handle and respect and comply with your budget.

You cannot expect me to give “Hemp cupcakes” in order! J (I mean, I’m doing everything that’s legal!)

What has been your most beautiful wedding planned by friends?

Your own!

In what price range are moving your planned weddings?

From CHF 20’000. -.

On the wedding day itself. What are you doing so that can be adhered to the schedule/schedule?

Good preparation, briefing to all involved, well elaborated Director plan, at best screenplay. Depending on the size of the wedding, my husband supports me.

What do you do if you should even hectic on the wedding day? For example, if the groom down the aisle faints?

So: Keep calm, Highland legs, air to fan, calm bride. Wait until he is again accessible, a drink of water to drink give him on the legs help and let’s go. He can simply no longer than 10 minutes are there… Otherwise it won’t work with the Director plan! J seriously: I have about 40 items in my emergency kit. Each item more or less stands for something unwanted.

When is the best time for prospective brides and grooms to contact you?

Right after the application? Or better a bit later, when they have made it a little thought, could look like her wedding?

It is always the right moment. A conversation are many security and clarity.

Call us at least three good reasons why you should hire you.

Because of my life experience and physiotherapist, bin Organizer, girlfriend, psychologist, Minister of finance, and stylist. When I think about it, I’m actually a bargain!

You’re now already three years themselves married. If you could repeat your wedding, is there something that you would do differently?

Yes, I would throw my attention more on a good photographer! Because that is the only thing left outside of memories!

In addition to the wedding planning – planning even the first starry sky Charity Gala night at the 24.05.2014 at the Hotel Palace in Lucerne? To financially support you want which projects?

We support the street work of Lucerne, Pro Senectute and a mountain assistance project. It will be a great occasion and Nik Hartmann is our moderator. I am looking very forward!

I saw on your website that you can give also vouchers for one hour of consulting further with you. I find it a wonderful idea!

Many thanks to Susanna for the interview and Sandra for the beautiful photos. Also we thank the directors-couple of the Palace Hotel in Lucerne for the cordial reception at Mr & Mrs Hunziker!