Wedding Fairs Magic In St. Gallen

Makes such a journey together with Céline St. Gallen to the fest-und Hochzeitsmesse double fun. I’m just wondering why we make such trips no more… Please excuse me, I lose myself in the subject.

Marriage is so also for two. The planning of the big day not together happens so? Starting at the bottom we have been floor for floor show through the new halls of the Olma. Beautiful space is my first impression. And soon I’m captured by the first service provider and must endure a five-minute lyre of selling. I find it strange and leaves me no

agreeable impression. Should service providers don’t ask according to the wishes and needs of its visitors? When they want to get married, how many guests do you expect, etc.

In the meantime enjoy a bite to eat and relieve the legs, that actually helps search according to the appropriate service provider. Whether it’s for Sina Fischer design for bridal wear, with their beautiful clothes from top. The stand was a feast for the eyes, decorated with flowers and artifacts fromEnglish rose garden from Winterthur.

Our eyes wandered from one to the other State. And who do I see there? Recently I introduced Francesco Corsini film in the cinematic highlights of the month – and now he stands there with his mischievous smile. His incredible cinematic work in a summarized showreel of the last year running in the background. Although I missed the popcorn, but Francesco did it again betting with a fine box of wedding almonds from Confetteria Claudia.

Culinary captured by an excellent tasting mini cupcake by Patricia Strässle-sugar Kiss at the booth of the wedding photographer Sandra Marusic. Which makes it the right place with the right dose to which people go to, but also wait until the visitors show interest and then turn in the sales pitch.

Put a-comes to mind. Funny. No, at the stand of the special show “wedding in style” I met the Gertrude of Our site on crutches. A recent operation was not an obstacle here show a great story of various wedding concepts with their products from the shop. Or just something to make good on the legs. It was great supplemented by Hanna from “Head in the clouds” with paper goods and decorations, that one individual can make on your own needs. Hanna has a distinctive look for small, lovely details. But please check out the pictures yourself.

Have you asked yourselves also, who conjures up these great works of art in the background, you can actually eat?
Suz Cake Art in Wollerau offers not only the wedding cakes on request together with Hanna. No, before you can book a back course including Prosecco with them together with your girlfriends. With lots of fun guaranteed!

After home off Céline, and I took by the way-very down to Earth and true to place-bratwurst an Olma.

Were you in St. Gallen? What did you like? You miss something?
Were you at most quickly determined and booked the same service at the fair?Which one was that?

Céline and me very interested in it, whether the concept of the great fairs is still up to date. Or whether the time has come for individual concepts with a focus on some few experiences instead of a great variety and seemingly infinite selection. What do you mean?