Wedding at The Manor House of The Drozo, in Anceis. The Best Kept Secret

We’ve seen (little) that because it is the “ wedding of the year & #8221;. And that is what most caught my attention. Sources from Arteixo They confirm to me that the same Friday the father and Godfather of the bride, was normally to work until noon, as one Friday any.

And that has been the pattern of the Marta Ortega and Sergio Álvarez’s wedding, normal. La Coruña It has closed on an extraordinary silence around the link of your favorite son benjamina. And can he did not want to marry in any Caribbean Beach exotic, even coming to Madrid, as they pointed to some. Why would you do it?

If something stand out the owners of Inditex It is its simplicity. Mr. Ortega, or Amancio, as it is popularly known, is the prototype of millionaire that their businesses to leave alone, but must, each day, he moved to work at its factory in Arteixo, where he meets everyone and everyone knows you.

Worthy successor of his father, Marta Ortega, Despite its international education, high society friends and live with all the luxuries, has never stood out for the attention, but by his discretion. They married in their land and their neighbors have acted with the same naturalness they.

Providers have turned to the daughter of the Chief, the best linens have been to the Embroiderers more experts for each tablecloth, each cocktail or table napkin sporting the initials of the bride and groom. Nothing of lace of Camariñas, blow me, where are removed that the press?

The best hotel in La Coruña, the Finisterre, closed for the guests to the link, such as Pablo Isla or the great singer Ainhoa Arteta, close friend of the bride, accompanied by her husband, Jesús Garmendia, who sang Ave Maria, that is a luxury!. And the “ intimate ”, as it is the case of the Mr Miranda in the private residence of the Ortega (that bad feeling if we kidnap Athina Onassis).

And as the girlfriend of fashion know for awhile, had clear how he wanted her dress and commissioned him to one of their designers of header Narciso Rodriguez, Star creator of Loewe or Calvin Klein.

The already Mrs. Alvarez you have our applause because it has managed to get away with his … less is more.