We Celebrate The Pride Gay with The Love and The Happiness of Ten Incredible Unisex Wedding

There is no limit to the love and this week, with the celebrations of Gay pride in full swing, we have to celebrate it more than ever in all its forms. And although there are still many countries where same-sex couples may not marry, increasingly those who legislate that all have the same rights. Celebrate it.

Tolerance and respect for others are counted as one of the fundamental values of any society and, fortunately, increasingly is easier to find them far and wide in this world. Even more conservative institutions such as the Catholic Church are reconsidering their stance and few days ago dad Francisco has apologized to the community gay by the way in which they have been treated. We bring you a selection of images of unisex wedding to celebrate that love is everywhere.

Each of these weddings has something really unique and special. And Yes, goes much beyond that the protagonists are novia-novia or novio-novio instead of the usual tandem.

But, to counter us, no difference between the weddings there hetero and homosexuals. Love is always love, We should like us and add you the tags that you want.

In Spain already for more than ten years after a historic vote in Congress of April 21, 2005, the majority of parties voted in favor of permitting same-sex marriage. A rule that has changed the lives of many citizens of this country and which invites hope.

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