This Wedding with High-Flying Was Fulfilled The Dream of a Very Mother

Marry at 35,000 feet, in full flight Los Angeles – Seattle, with the love of your life and just for your mother, a diagnosed serious cancer, to attend and see the place where you work at the same time. This was the solution that occurred to Kirsty Stratton of Alaska Airlines stewardess for make your dreams come true.

It is clear that there are many special weddings, but Kirsty Stratton stewardess with his partner of six years Jim Larsen’s wedding will be as one of the most moving and beautiful that we have seen in a long time.

When diagnosed with the mother of Kirsty with a serious cancer all you asked it was to see where she worked her daughter, where he lived and attend their wedding. Seems not much, right? In its condition was complicated, but Kristy a great idea occurred to him: married in full flight Los Angeles-Seattle, the same one in which he met Jim, so his mother could attend, see their work as a stewardess of the airline Alaska Airlines and could accompany them home.

Imagine the surprise of the rest of the passengers when they began to give out candies, flowers and pomperos in mid-flight to make soap bubbles. None could be neither imagined that they were invited to a very special wedding, officiated by pastor Scott Wetzel and photographed by Christina Frees. A wedding for never forget.

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