The Wedding of The Duchess of Alba: Dancing Cayetana, Baila!

Today was one of those days that all gossip that had marked on the calendar. And it’s not every day one of the greatest of our country house. Yes today has been the wedding of the Duchess of Alba and everyone is talking about it: peridostas, commentators, twitter users… and of course Poprosa also, won’t be less with all that is giving him the day. So let’s look at this and other news of the week in the most pink blog.

A wedding for much talk

Ole, ole and ole! The third say that lucky, time but at age 85 the same also. Today was the wedding of Cayetana de Alba and mantle have put us to see…

  • The Duchess of Alba’s wedding of the century has been… of the century and a half
  • #bodaduquesa: the day it arrived, became the pilgrimage
  • Eugenia Martínez de Irujo: Varicelas happy… no biting

Magazines, magazines, come to me

Yes, I promise is Rihanna a lo Marilyn, dead I was (and am) to see this new cover of Vogue. But there are many more to do, as…

  • What was missing, Rihanna also to the Marilyn
  • Kim Kardashian, thats well give… musical note
  • Seeing you at FHM pique is that I change up to team
  • Johnny Depp – or his wax double – on the cover of Vanity Fair
  • Kristen Stewart, divine to the 50s on the English cover of GQ
  • Emma Watson, a mischievous Pixie on the cover of Elle Canada
  • The kiosk of Poprosa (from 23 to 29 September)

Likes and dislikes have my celebrities…

They have been one of the protagonists of the week, Jennifer Aniston and her boyfriend that you have staged a photo shoot that you can not miss…

  • Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux, but what lovebirds are made
  • Shakira, jumps into the ring, that the horns is better to see them come from front
  • Piquira still very crazy and rabid… or that seems
  • Very little joke, much history, but there was friction at the end between Guti and Paula Vázquez
  • Extra, extra! Leo DiCaprio and Blake Lively quit! And this time is serious!
  • Mónica Cruz and Alex González, to check that there are children front!!
  • David Bisbal in love again?… entonemos as the ‘Ave Maria’
  • As Ashton Kutcher has put the cuernacos to Demi, I’m already there is no Moore

Novelties and other stories of the celebrities

Video: Lady Gaga at Mugler Paris fashion show

Sí, Lady Gaga has returned to the old ways of his friend Thierry Mugler designer that has returned to lend his image in a fashion show of his new collection…

  • Lady Gaga, that be three heads and teeth of rabbit, amiguisima Thierry Mugler
  • The sexual fantasies of the celebrities (I)
  • Ten reasons why the famous prefer Twitter to Facebook
  • The famous most wanted on facebook… They
  • Learn languages with celebrities. Lesson 1
  • The houses of the famous: Jennifer Lopez
  • Most desired celebrities, the more buenorros… marching one of official guapos!

And so far the best of these last seven days, which was not little. More next week and, if possible, better.