The most beautiful outdoor dining areas in Vienna

In the hot season, our capital attracts with great pub gardens, where you can enjoy the idyllic atmosphere and simply slow down. In today’s article I will show you the most beautiful outdoor bars in Vienna!

As soon as the temperatures get warmer, most of the bars in Vienna open their pubs and invite you to linger. With a splash of white you can finally sit together again and enjoy the mild summer evenings. But where in Vienna can you find the most beautiful outdoor dining areas? I’ll tell you in this article!

The most beautiful outdoor dining areas in Vienna

Motto, 5th district

The motto in Schönbrunnerstrasse in the 5th district scores with a noble interior and is particularly worth a visit in summer. The pub garden of the restaurant is one of the most beautiful in the city and offers a wonderfully idyllic ambience. Surrounded by tendrils of flowers and chains of lights, you can enjoy the peace and quiet and end the evening with a few refreshing cocktails. Of course, there is also a lot on offer from a culinary point of view – the menu includes Austrian classics such as boiled beef or ham. enjoy the meal!

Hotel am Brillantengrund, 7th district

You will find a very special pearl in Bandgasse in the 7th district. The hidden inner courtyard of the hotel on Brillantengrund is kept in the style of the 50s and gives it a unique feeling. Anyone who gets lost here has the feeling of having landed somewhere abroad, which is not least due to the exotic menu card. Mainly Filipino dishes are served on the plate, only the breakfast is classic Austrian. The audience is mixed, both young hipsters and older guests feel at home here. Definitely a must in summer!

Salonplafond, 1st district

The MAK pub garden on the Stubenring offers many advantages – the central location is one of them. But the cozy atmosphere is also one of the reasons why locals and tourists alike like to stop by in the salon ceiling . There is a total of 150 people in the large garden area – in addition to normal seats, there are also deck chairs on which you can relax and sunbathe. Especially cool: you can have breakfast here until 4 p.m.! So if you want to treat yourself to a hearty hangover breakfast after a night of partying, you’ve come to the right place. But lunch and dinner are also well served – the menu includes delicacies such as beef tartare, prawns and scallops.

ef16 restaurant & wine bar, 1st district

The ef16 restaurant in the 1st district is tucked away in an inner courtyard and is a luxurious insider tip. Surrounded by ivy-clad walls and olive trees, you can indulge your culinary delights. Austrian cuisine with a Mediterranean twist is served – the restaurant is ideal if you want to go out in style and are willing to pay a little more. Of course, you can just drop by for a glass of wine and let the picturesque atmosphere work its magic on you. The ef16 is definitely one of the most beautiful bars in downtown Vienna and is now a real Instagram star!

Klee am Hanslteich, 17th district

The Klee am Hanslteich in the 17th district is probably the date location par excellence. The romantic restaurant is enthroned on a small pond and is the ideal place for lovers. But the atmospheric ambience is not the only reason why you should definitely pay a visit to the restaurant. The Klee am Hanslteich is also convincing in culinary terms. The menu includes Austrian specialties such as boiled beef and veal schnitzel, as well as international dishes such as risotto and polenta. Although the prices are a bit high here, you can enjoy the idyllic atmosphere.

Hollerkoch, 18th district

Hollerkoch, 18th district

The Hollerkoch in the 18th district probably offers one of the most chic outdoor dining areas in the city and attracts with a cozy atmosphere. The small garden, which is surrounded by a pergola, almost creates a bit of Greece feeling – here you feel like you are on vacation! In addition, the Hollerkoch scores with fair prices and a small but fine menu. Here you can put together your own 3-course menu for little money – the rib eye steaks from Uruguay are particularly recommended. This place should definitely be on your bucket list for this summer!

Aren’t these outdoor dining areas just wonderful? Of course, there are many other wonderful pavement gardens in Vienna that are worth a visit – maybe you still have one or the other insider tip for me? Please leave me a comment!