The Looks of The Famous Wedding: Paulina Rubio, Paz Vega, Ariadne Artiles, and Laura Ponte

This weekend has been a bodorrio of those of the greats where come much famous. He did not know the players I, but go they are Cristina Hidalgo, daughter of the President of Globalia, and Javier Blanco. In reality, what interests us are the guests, rather than the wedding, but good look, already released congratulations to the newlyweds.

One of the invited players and that it was cute was Paulina Rubio that he sang at the party. He chose for the occasion an original Bluemarine pink feathered dress a striking and low-cut back. Your perfect look, because I particularly love, completed it with a flashy headdress and a pair of shoes in Lilac, No doubt, the tone of the season.

Very elegant was also Paz Vega, with a length of Hannibal Laguna in pink and Black Lace tones, Sweetheart neckline with a flashy tie. As accessories bag wallet in black satin and shoes peep toe and platform. Along with her elegant husband Orson Salaza, of course, that goes with it to all events, as it should be.

Another guest was Ariadne Artiles that had been a Maxivestido of Roberto Cavalli spring/summer 2008 collection, in beige tone and with a huge purple flower. Design Yes, very nice (we have seen them like sometimes), but what I did not like anything is crossed as a shoulder bag. With the stylish model always goes, this time loses many points with that bag, more appropriate for an afternoon of shopping, both for the size and shape. Do not you think?

One of the guest that surprised most was the model Laura Ponte that was the only one in look pants. A different look but that personally I don’t like, and more if you match it with the white blouse so sosa and stuffy. Pants fits perfect, but it does not convince me the whole.

As you can see there is something for everyone: adjusted long, short, dresses, pants, headdress and without headdress. It seems that anything goes, auqneu for an afternoon wedding, yours is to go long.