Summary of The Week from April 25 to May 1: We’Re Leaving Wedding

It is clear what has been the star of the week: the wedding of the Dukes of Cambridge, Prince William and Princess Catherine. All week we have tried the hot topics of the wedding, as Kate Middleton bikini shopping, by what we know of his surely very long honeymoon, there will be some warm destination on their route of travel.

The wedding started strong with the previous gala dinner at which almost all European royalty was invited. And became the crowning moment: the wedding in Westminster Abbey, with more than 1,900 guests. Almost nothing.

Highlights: countless hits and hats seen at the wedding. The English really know how to dress their heads. Among the best dressed, the sister of the nova Filippa Middleton, or Victoria Beckham (according to your votes). To my I also liked the premiums of the bridegroom, the daughters of the Duchess of York. Do eccentric?, of course, but very funny.

Has not been the only issue related with the Weddings I have tried this week. We also choose several Prom dresses If we have a wedding on the beach. And we review the history of the wedding of Diana’s Gales, the mother of Prince William. A history of the fairy tale ended dramatically.

We also want to highlight the visit of Mr Montag to the headquarters of Zara in Arteixo, in which to discover the secrets and curiosities of the great empire of Spanish fashion.

This so movidito week, Trendencias changes look. We released new more sober design, must be renewed and be handsome, what do you think?.

And let’s not forget today’s theme: the mother’s day. During the week we have reviewed style of mothers like Victoria Beckham, Demi Moore or Elle MacPherson in homage to women giving life. In EBayers We can find some gift ideas for mothers, as for example, clocks, which can be found at great prices on Ebay.

Congratulations to all the Moms!!.