Spring Bohemian Style Shoot By Somethingblue Photography

I show quite different than usual you today a shoot to the dream and think.Bianca by Somethingblue Photography has this Bohemian style shoot planned and implemented. Thoughts of spring, with the nature combined, she conjures up a wonderful story of the development of change. Almost like a caterpillar becoming a butterfly. We let run its course but nature…

Bianca tells us even as it has come to this styled shoot ‘Spring’…

“The series is a part of a” four season series “.” It is a bridal editorial of a different kind and with me under the inspiration of “Spring”.

Nature and sensuality were important in this shoot, along with an extraordinary location and not the well-known flower meadow, one immediately associates, when one thinks of spring me. The location should be wild, naturally grown – and I found this to my own surprise, in the middle of the 14th district of Vienna. The small river and the exceptionally high Grove of reeds, the special the location just give something.

Here at, very subtly, not just the flowers but the gorgeous flower Crown, with the Peony and camomile, are used as spring elements. Also a small Butterfly finds himself on the one or the other image.

The colors follow very discreetly in the background. Instead of stained and I wanted to show the spring likes so pastel, as I see it. White and cream mingle with the first fresh green and the first little yellow buds. The colors go over almost fluent in each other. They are the colors of nature, I’ve worked out in the color correction. No colorful elements that distract from the essential. The greatest inspiration for me was so nature itself and the season I’ve made also on the subject of this photo shoots. The spring is young, it all starts just to the blossom and to unfold. The first rays of the sun warming the skin, everything is quiet – awakens just out of hibernation. The beautiful vintage lace dress from 1931 is for me, in a sense, also in the focus of this photo shoots. As with the model and the location I was looking this something that adapts to the irregularity and fragility of nature. It should be not new, clean and chic – the top of the dress is already so old and so delicate that it acts like a second skin and blends perfectly into the environment.

The shooting to express how beautiful and fragile is our nature, that we are to live with it and do not have their resources also. They are often the simplest and most beautiful things right under our noses. Also at a wedding, I find, more on sharing should be taken as on pomp and decoration. The most beautiful things come out with very little decoration and surface. Also man in a natural environment feels immediately much better.”


Hochzeitsblog Stylehäppchen.ch

Hochzeitsblog Stylehäppchen.ch

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