Sophistication in The Outfits of The Beckhams at The Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton

The Beckham marriage It was the couple more elegant, more glamorous and sophisticated among the guests to the Prince William and Kate Middleton’s wedding. It was not by the fact of being one of the first couples to come to the ceremony, it was not the order of the British Empire Medal, was by themselves and so well chosen by both styling.

David Beckham, amazing to carrying chaque (Morning Coat) of Ralf Lauren, was of the few who took top hat as a maximum label day accessory. It is one thing to want to follow the dress code, Another is able to take it. And that man has natural elegance.

The best, its collarless shirt. Can not understand how on one occasion as the British Royal Wedding more shirts like this have not been. The combination of the Immaculate white of the shirt with the Grey tie I always like. In this case, very successful to not enter into conflict with the Red of the medal.

In this second picture, the image of Victoria and David Beckham is compounded by the sensuality of a well-defined leg and a boot from vertigo of Christian Louboutin heels. What term do not see with good eyes is Victoria chose for her dress, from his own collection AW/11 night blue. In Day ceremonies, the look of the lady should give light or colorful to contrast with the black or regulatory gray of the morning coat or costume. The blue evening black …

It may be that the reason was his few months of pregnancy. Whatever it is, was impeccable and his spectacular Philip Treacy Hat I liked it a lot. A hit like this, the hairstyle must be a collected. And to be as colorful as the long double vertical ripple trim, the lips makeup You must be discreet, in natural or slightly pinkish tones. A 10.