Sights in El Gouna

El Gouna is a popular trending travel destination in Egypt. The modern lagoon city is located around 21 kilometers from Hurghada International Airport and was designed by the renowned development company ORASCOM to create a consistently safe holiday destination of the highest standard on the Red Sea.

El Gouna has pleasant weather all year round and is popular with couples, families and single travelers alike. This is due to the large variety of hotels in all price ranges, but also to the countless excursion possibilities and activities in the area. El Gouna is ideal for relaxation and at the same time offers the best conditions for a variety of sports.

In the following we present you the most exciting tours and most beautiful sights in El Gouna.

El Gouna lagoon in Egypt

1. Abu Tig Marina

The modern Abu Tig Marina is the heart of the city, a social meeting point and a culinary hotspot. The marina can easily be counted among the most important sights in El Gouna, because life takes place here both during the day and in the evening. For example, enjoy a relaxed walk in the morning and admire the many luxurious yachts. Like all areas of El Gouna, the marina is absolutely safe and can be visited at any time without hesitation.

Have a seat in one of the great restaurants for lunch and enjoy a delicious lunch with a view of the harbor. In the afternoon, a cup of coffee or a refreshing ice cream could be the right choice before continuing your exploration. By the way, all places in El Gouna can be reached for a fixed small fee by TukTuk (or optionally also by taxi) – so you can easily get back to the hotel at any time!

2. Lagoon tour by boat

The ingenious lagoon system of El Gouna, the “Venice of the Orient”, is of course best explored from the water. Some tour operators even offer their guests the tour of the lagoon to get to know each other free of charge. It is best to ask your tour guide about the options on site. Mostly it goes along some of the most beautiful hotels and numerous private villas through the canals of El Gouna to the marina.

Good to know: For a really small surcharge, you can also book the lagoon tour privately and then travel exclusively with your loved ones on the boat. This is an ideal opportunity for a romantic getaway as a couple. The private tour is also great for families who simply want more space on board and want to explore the city at their own pace. A completely different perspective than from the country will reveal itself to you!

3. Surf spectacle on Mangroovy Beach

El Gouna is one of the world’s best areas for kite surfers, because the shallow, warm flat water and the year-round wind guarantee provide the best conditions for beginners and professionals. The hotspot is Mangroovy Beach not far from the Abu Tig Marina, here is also a large surf center that, in addition to kite surfers, has recently also been able to provide classic windsurfers with the necessary tips and all imaginable equipment. There is also a small bar and some beach chairs.

Because a visit to Mangroovy Beach is also worthwhile for non-surfers, the beach is one of the more interesting sights in El Gouna, as there is entertainment at any time of the day. The adventurous stunts are exciting to watch and it is often the youngest surfers in particular who create enthusiasm with spectacular jumps. There are also beach volleyball fields and on many summer evenings there are even nice beach parties with very sociable surfer boys and girls.

4. Snorkeling and dolphin tours

With the Red Sea on your doorstep and some of Egypt’s best coral reefs just a short boat ride away, the possibilities for excursions on the water are of course huge. One of the most popular attractions in El Gouna is a combined snorkeling and dolphin tour, although the dolphins cannot of course be guaranteed. With a little luck, however, there is even the opportunity to snorkel and swim with them for a few moments.

We were already there ourselves and were accordingly lucky: A large school of more than 20 dolphins swam curiously right up to our small group of snorkelers, dived beneath us and then moved on. They were incredible moments that are difficult to put into words. But the normal snorkeling stops on the colorful coral reefs were definitely worth the trip. Also suitable for beginners!

5. Desert Safari: Quad tour through the desert

Anyone who has had enough of feasting and lazy sunbathing on the beach after a few days could experience the necessary portion of variety and adrenaline on a desert safari. As a rule, the tours are day trips from El Gouna, as the impressive desert areas are up to 1.5 hours away from the city. The journey is entertaining in an air-conditioned vehicle, so this shouldn’t be a major obstacle for you.

The desert tour from El Gouna first leads to a Bedouin camp, where an introduction to the quads takes place. Then it goes in a column on the quads, always following the guides across the desert. Headscarves are also highly recommended for men due to the large amount of sand and the strong sunlight, otherwise they can be purchased on site. Depending on the tour, lunch and a visit to a camel farm are also included.

Marina in El Gouna

6. Night life in the bartender bar

As interesting and high-class it is already during the day at the Abu Tig Marina, the nightlife is also exuberant and yet sophisticated. There are a handful of nice bars and small clubs in El Gouna, all of which apart from the facilities of some hotels are located in the area of ​​the marina or in the town center. The hotspot for an entertaining, casual party with good music and nice people is The Bartender Bar right on the harbor.

There is a great selection of delicious drinks and plenty of outdoor seating. The decor is extremely stylish, the tables are made of old car tires, for example, and there is a wonderfully positive atmosphere overall. The bartender bar is not only famous for its DJs, but above all for the excellent cocktail menu. A popular alternative, especially every Thursday, are the infamous parties in the DuPort Pool Club at the other end of the marina.

7. Horseback riding on El Gouna beach

Even if we only recommend riding excursions abroad in exceptional cases, as the care in handling the animals is not always guaranteed, the many positive feedback and reviews from Yalla Horse Riding have motivated us to include the riding excursions on the beach of El Gouna most popular sights. The German-speaking team offers riding lessons and excursions for beginners and advanced riders.

The tours range from a short guided ride around the stable to one-hour rides in the desert to half-day excursions with a long ride on the beach including a swim. Well-cared for camels and donkeys can also be found in the Yalla riding stables and can be booked for tours. You can also stop by the barn without prior reservation and get an impression of the animals and the operators for yourself.

8. Diving in El Gouna

In addition to the snorkeling trips already mentioned, El Gouna is of course also an ideal location for a diving holiday. Several internationally certified diving schools at the highest level offer exciting dives for advanced divers, but also the possibility of completing a diving license in El Gouna as a beginner. No wonder, after all, the dive sites are among the best sights for divers in all of Egypt.

Off the coast of El Gouna there are impressive reefs and great wrecks with an incredibly diverse underwater world to marvel at. Recently, we have also received reports of whale shark sightings. The providers Orca Dive Club El Gouna and Colona Divers El Gouna as well as TGI Diving El Gouna and Emperor Divers El Gouna are particularly recommended. These four diving schools have received top marks from vacationers on the Red Sea in recent years.

9. Dine Around Concept

The dine around in El Gouna is certainly one of the great features of the holiday destination and is not even known to many holidaymakers despite extensive advertising by the tour operators. In plain language, Dine Around means: Instead of in your own hotel, you can simply try dinner in another hotel or even in some of the city’s restaurants. The food is almost already included in the price and is downward compatible at no extra charge.

That means guests of the participating 5 star hotels can dine in ALL other hotels, guests of a 4 star hotel only in all 2 to 4 star hotels. Only the drinks consumed are chargeable – but very cheap. An exciting concept that prevents boredom at the buffet and gives many new impressions. Even luxury hotels such as the Sheraton Miramar Resort, the Steigenberger Golf Resort and the Mövenpick Hotel take part in the Dine Around program.

10. Playing golf in El Gouna

The Egyptian lagoon city of El Gouna has made a good name for itself in the golf scene worldwide, as not only the golf courses are of extremely good quality, but the pleasantly mild climate also offers perfect conditions in winter. The 18-hole USPGA course in El Gouna was created by American architects (Fred Couples and Bene Gates) and is one of the most beautiful golf courses in the world, with a phenomenal view of the city’s lagoons.

It is the only golf course in Egypt with a valid rating from the German Golf Association and the USPGA. The El Gouna Golf Club also has an aqua driving range with 30 tees as well as areas for pitching, chipping and putting. The required handicap of the course is 45. Many golfers reside in the elegant Steigenberger Golf Resort in El Gouna. Another large golf course with 18 holes is being built further inland at the luxury resort Ancient Sands.

Snorkeling tour off El Gouna's coast