Royal Wedding in Monaco: Protocol Errors in Dress That They Should Not Occur

The Principality of Monaco He left his anonymity with the glamour that came with Grace Kelly. Since then, Monaco became the European capital of the lifestyle in the broadest sense. If Princess Grace of Monaco saw the failure of Protocol in dress they have been in the wedding of his son and now Princess Charlene feel very disappointed.

Starting with his daughter, Princess Stephanie of Monaco, attending both ceremonies without hat or headdress. Absent both in the civil wedding and the nun, sister of the groom should better represent the princely family. If you like to take it or not, on occasions like this little matter: choose the one you like (or that less anger you’s) and you set the Protocol. His sister, Princess Carolina, always a model to follow.

Other failures of Protocol in clothes that he has seen during the ceremony religious yesterday are morning coats without buttoning. Without going any further, the father of the bride, Michael Wittstock.

The couple formed by Naomi Campbell and her husband made two mistakes. I told you yesterday that supermodel should choose a short dress and Vladislav Doronin also forgot to button the only button of the jacket type Levite in his morning suit.

As we can see ceremony after ceremony, supposedly more informed people in the Protocol commit failures so simple yet so visible as these. A small effort to not forget them is not that difficult.