Rousing Zurich Wedding

The spring starts out fully and we may look forward to the upcoming weddings. Some of you are certainly times surprised by a brief rain shower.Others must take care that they are good lotion, to not light the next day before louder sunburn. But one thing is already predetermined: you marry your dream man or woman of your dreams!

The today’s wedding photojournalism is still from last year, but she is already us on the new wedding season. Valentina

Verdesca photographically captured this wonderful Italian Turkish wedding in Zurich with a summery ease. Let us drive and fly to a new love story…

Questions for the bride and groom

What moment was at its worst during the wedding planning and what guess her future couples?

Time pressure/clarification of tiny details (which you previously would not have thought in a dream) a few weeks/days before the wedding. Definitely enough time to plan and not to stress leave. At the end it will work out somehow always…

Guys tip a do it yourself?

Personalize invitations, make yourself. If you have a good knack for decorating, can create relatively cheap something beautiful and elegant (rent handicraft shops, furniture stores, decorative elements).

What was the best moment for you on the day of the wedding?

The greeting of the guests after the wedding and the opening of the celebrations, the party as a whole.

Again, what would you do?

Location/photographer/church early enough book / clarify; every moment conscious experience and enjoy! On the day before the big day: wellness!

And what would no longer or else you do?

Located on the day itself take more time for the most important people (photos!)