Rings For a Life Long-Michaela Romans Manufactory

Rings Exchange as a sign of your mutual love-without beginning and without end. The engagement ring is presented as little blame for the future marriage life. Mostly in choosing a piece of jewellery which is more is decorative, classics like the we all know Tiffany is occupied, for example, with a solitaire diamond.

Goldsmith Michaela Romans elaborated rings that match your wishes and ideas together with you. Just real handmade engagement / marriage / wedding rings in various metals, alloys and forms which manufactures Michaela in her jewellery workshop. Her schedules at the best time for

this. By first getting to know about creating the first specimens to the finished piece of jewelry, the process can take several months. Michaela is now known with her unique style in the wedding industry, that the pairs of wide travel here to get Switzerland to just such a personal piece of jewelry. I can only advise you to start early enough with the search or just with the request by the Goldsmith. Finally the rings for a life to long fit and fallen – since no effort are too big!

Julia Hofmann is wedding photographer and takes us manufacture with the images of her recent visit with Michaela Römer and also tells us how such a meeting at the Goldsmith might… look

“Michaela welcomes me warmly on her door and I dive into their little Kingdom, that this year has gotten a new face and where everything is still brand new. I look around me and feel immediately comfortable with her. The fireplace crackles and I take place on her couch and welcomed there by her dog. However, I am not alone at Michaela, two, which is next year will give the Yes-Word sitting at her large table in the middle of their manufacture and are looking for her wedding ring.”

“The small, fine collection of Michaela and lots of albums is on the table with photos of their previous work. The two consult all alone by Michaela. What will it be? Gold, silver or Platinum do you prefer? A smooth or textured surface? Woven with patterns, with or without precious stones? The selection is difficult and I can understand that the two at the table are overwhelmed and can work alone on the rings.”

“The advice of future couples is very important in the development process for the perfect wedding ring for Michaela. It’s about finding out what the bride and groom would like to material, shape, pattern and engraving may also, because these rings are to accompany them for a lifetime. For this reason, many couples also like to take a longer route to meet Michaela in their goldsmiths. „

“After the materials are selected level of the ring fingers is taken. In the next step, Michaela produces wax models, which give a good idea about the shape and size of their future jewelry piece the bride and groom. Michaela always provides customers with photos of each step in the process of creating their rings. Changes to the rings are desired, these can be implemented in the development process by Michaela. So the bride and groom are very close with, when their rings arise.”

“It has me incredibly much fun made the customer meeting to listen and to see how brides and grooms a little closer to their dream ring. Thank you Dear Michaela for this afternoon in your small Kingdom!”

Photographer: Julia Hansen photography – website – Facebook

Goldsmith: Michaela Roman factory – website – Facebook

Thank you Julia for the pictures and personal insight, where you let us. Also we thank Michaela Römer, that we must not point this visit in her Studio on our wedding blog.

We hereby wish you all Merry Christmas and enjoy the holidays with your loved ones!