Resorts and Attractions in Russia

Russia is a state in Eastern Europe and Northern Asia. The largest area in the world. Russia borders on eighteen countries.

According to Healthinclude, Moscow is the capital. Russian language. Currency – ruble. Religion – Orthodoxy.

For the first time the term “Rosia” is found in the writings of the Byzantine emperor Constantine Porphyrogenitus in the 10th century. AD

More than 70% of the territory of Russia is occupied by plains and lowlands. Russia is one of the most water-provided countries. Surface waters occupy 12.4% of the territory. Temperature fluctuations by region from -6 to -50*C in winter and from +1 to +35*C in summer. On the territory of Russia in the latitudinal direction from north to south, the following climatic zones alternate: polar, subpolar, temperate, subtropical. The country’s climate in the meridional direction varies from maritime (in the extreme northwest) to sharply continental in Siberia, with a transition back to humid monsoons in the Far East. Many regions of Siberia and the Far East are characterized by permafrost.

Svalbard (Svalbard or Grumant, and also the Holy Russian Islands) is a polar archipelago in the Arctic Ocean.

Russia is the host nation of the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

Resorts and attractions in Russia

Russian tourism is gaining momentum. Travelers are tired of expensive overseas resorts, skiing in the Alps and staged African safari. Many wanted to look at their homeland closer, from the inside. To do this, you can go to explore the cities of Siberia and the Urals.

Do you want to travel to the Far East? Russia? Do you want new unforgettable sensations, as well as a lot of new photos? In your version, only Kamchatka is suitable. The beautiful view of the Avacha Bay will give you a wonderful landscape that cannot be seen anywhere else.

Krasnoyarsk pillars are one of the greatest wonders of nature. This reserve is located in the northwestern part of the eastern Sayan. The natural boundaries are the right tributaries of the Yenisei River, as well as the Mana and Bolshaya Slizneva Rivers. This place is considered to be a mecca for outdoor enthusiasts, especially rock climbers. The people who play sports in the area have formed a whole movement called “stolbism”.

Crimea. Sanatorium Ai-Petri is located in the center of the resort area of ​​Miskhor, near Mount Ai-Petri on the territory of an old park of the 18th century, which is a monument of landscape architecture. This is a single complex, which is located in the former estate of Count Naryshkin and Prince Dolgoruky. Cold water is available round the clock, hot water – according to the schedule. Rooms: 2-bed (one-room), 1-bed and 2-bed (one-room with enhanced amenities) and 2-bed (two-room suites). Ai-Petri has its own restaurant, bar, hall for 500 people for holding a conference, a heated swimming pool, a gym with exercise equipment, a sports ground, and a sauna.
The climate of Miskhor is considered one of the most beneficial on the southern coast of Crimea. This is a lot of sun and clean air saturated with sea ions.

Recreation in the suburbs
The dynamics of a big city makes you live by your own rules, drives you into certain limits. I want to relax, forget about problems for a while and relax. But the work does not allow you to soak up the sandy beaches, and the funds do not allow you to go to places remote and alluring. This is not necessary. You can spend the next weekend or a short vacation with benefit for your soul and body: rest houses and boarding houses near Moscow will gladly open their doors for you.

Just a few kilometers away from the hustle and bustle of the big city, there is something for everyone. To your liking and to your pocket. You just have to decide what you want more: treat your health or have a good time. Or maybe both.

The Moscow region is a special vacation, the cost of which ranges from five hundred rubles a day for those whose claims are not very large, up to ten thousand rubles a day and more for those whose level does not allow them to go lower.

If you choose an active holiday, then during the day you can take care of your own health: go skiing or ice skating, visit modern gyms, swim in the pool. Some rest houses have special halls for volleyball and basketball, covered tennis courts. For lovers of heat, steam, brooms and beer – baths and saunas of various stripes.

And how wonderful it is to breathe the rich air of the evergreen coniferous forest, admiring the charming landscapes. If you wish, you can take a horse ride. If you come to the sanatorium to improve your health, modern medical equipment and qualified specialists are at your service.

Among other things, therapeutic massages and personalized diets will help you stay fit. In the evening, visit a bar or restaurant, order a glass of wine and dream or go to a noisy disco. Do you like to chase balls on the green cloth of the table in the twilight of overhanging lamps, please – the billiard room is at your service.

For lovers of fishing at any time of the year, everything you need is in store: tackle, bait, and, of course, an amazing catch. You can come with your family, with friends, with your loved one or all alone – it will be good. For children there are playgrounds, swimming pools, halls with video games. You can leave the child under the supervision of a nanny for some time. By the way, a group of friends can stay in a separate cottage.

Fun guaranteed!

Attractions in Russia