Plan The Wedding With Counselors

At the beginning of the request is available. Hardly you said yes, starts with planning the wedding. But where do you start? In many cases with the location. But what should it look like? How large should she be? How many people will you invite? It is a quite dizzy and cavort in the head many unanswered questions.

Maybe it would be good as to just inspire first – look, what all there is so. For suitable I find Pinterest-have reported already here. Many

pictures are available and it is the ideal platform to gather ideas. So you know already slow in what direction it should go. Oh yes, in what season do you celebrate actually? In the off-season, we in Switzerland would be approximately from October until April? How about a wedding in the fall, winter or spring?

You have inspired? Next get a good Advisor-planning using: the book “Just married!” by Stefanie Luxat, or the wedding guide by Dani “life is delicious/weddings”. Or how about one of these beautiful books, to get married to beautiful: the cow book, or in English, I can also recommend the “The New Fashioned Wedding” or Abby Larson’s book ‘Style me pretty wedding’ by the same name world famous wedding blog. To buy there on myOnline shop Amazon. When you order from my page, I get a small Commission, so a little to Santos in my chest. Love you already in advance.

Or do you prefer smaller like it? Then, there are of course also very many magazines. Then there are Online magazines or available in printed form for the Swiss more rar in the offer, the German magazine with Swiss part of bride & groom or just the Swiss Wedding. Some magazines are also as iPad versions in the newspaper office by Apple iTunes to have, for example, the American magazine from Martha Stewart Weddings.

What I’ve also already seen me and held function via Instagram video…

Or you save all and you hired a wedding planner. Why to plan the wedding, however, by a professional? Like I take your questions here as comments.Namely, it’s a beautiful theme to the discuss. Come on – I want to read also your Pro’s and cons…