Our site on Four Wheels: The Photo Bus

Some of you have noticed determined via Instagram, whom I have visited at the fest-und Hochzeitsmesse in Zurich. Today I want to introduce closer the Fotobulli “the photo bus”. Why is worth the investment for your event? It is not only the unique sight. If the party is unfortunately ever ready, at least great snapshots of your guests and you left you. You can wherever you go send her then in digital form or you book the extra pressure function so that your friends can keep even a small reminder for the way home in the hands.And as the small vintage VW bus is so furnished it serves at the same time as little retreat as well as fun

entertainment during the event. The classic photo booth (Our site ) the team was too easy, so they packed a whole Photo Studio in a 1979 VW bus. A nice surprise for your guests or as a gift. The photo bus is unique in Switzerland!

I was allowed to get to know the love team and look forward to seeing you again with this creative three now. Jessie is one of them. It has answered my questions:

What is the the photo bus?

This is a vintage VW bus which is equipped with a Our site. In addition, you can dress up with countless accessories and prove absolutely ridiculous in front of the camera. Otherwise miss all the fun here!

Who can book the photo bus?

So actually, everyone can really book photo bus! Whether it’s corporate events, anniversaries, birthdays, weddings, fairs-events of all kinds! The photo bus needs only an electrical outlet (ordinary household current) and a good place where he can come to the fore. Outdoors and indoors. We made sometimes the bus floor via lift in a warehouse or in the 2nd. If there is something to celebrate, we are!

How far are you going?

We get requests from Germany and Austria. The longest path is definitely ahead of us: In August, we’re up to Bondo (Graubünden) going on the Italian border.
Generally we go everywhere. Classic car, long distances make fun, especially if all wave and smile when we drive past.

There are even tools that you should book this you?

As more Extras, you can book our escorts (charming care the Our site ), label a chauffeur, the print function, topic-specific accessories (charges apply), the bus, we offer also special branding for companies.
There are combination packages with a photographer of Wedding Photography.ch

Thanks Jessie for the short, but vintage VW bus with photo booth great informative insight into yours. More information can be found Our site.

At the moment, gather the team of “the photo bus” vote for the audience award of the first wedding award Switzerland-like you support them on the home stretch with your voice? Only until February 14-this way please: Our site.