On The Postureo, The Cost of Weddings and The Duration of Marriages

This crazy world every day more and more studies about all kinds of things are going on.  I am very fond of reading results, for fun. But when it comes to the truth I just don’t believe them at all. First, because I have not met anyone who has participated in a survey by the style. Second, because you don’t trust the sincerity of the answers from people about their sexual or intimate life (all intend to appear more liberal than we are, even to ourselves). And finally, all the statistics, to end and at the end, are the result of a generalization which we oppose every day.

I, like everyone else, I still read many studies on sexuality and society. For me are like Horoscopes: distract me, make me believe that it now understand everything e, even make me feel a little special.

Each loco with your theme.

Relatively recently read one on American marriages saying something like: wedding and engagement ring price is inversely proportional to the duration of the marriage. I laughed out loud: does not love the rich?

Without however there is part of the reason it.And before I kill stones shouting: “because I got married with 250 guests and I am still happy for 20 years,” Let me to explain to me.

I don’t think the cost of the wedding to determine the length of the marriage, but revealing the importance that gives a pair to appear the disease of their values.

Today, with all this obsession with social networks, by the I postureo, by living out, impress others, we forget how we are in the intimacy. I know many couples who live feeding free praise on Instagram: “What so ideal partner”, “what luck to find the love of truth”, “What boyfriend so wonderful that you have”. For them, the fact of being “the couple it” confirms the success of its relationship.

I have seen situations that caused me chills: women who share the gift of her boyfriend with her fans, showing them the intimate note that accompanies it; men who declare the infinite love to your partner by Facebook at the same time you are watching your ass the waitress from the bar; couples dressed together giving the morreo of cinema for his fans and that, once they are at home, not even touch…

Of weddings goes rather out there. I think well that people held as people leave them noses if thats what makes them happy. But I still wonder: end the postureo or business and begins the true celebration of commitment and love?

Weddings, at this point, already are anything but an intimate Act. “Invitations” with a number of bank account (escapes me when we call it “invitation), dresses that are worth a kidney, rented jewels, hysterical brides a week become wives worried about the center of the table rather than by having a good day, photographers that make that you poses every second (less and less (, that Yes). If there was even a wedding blogger in which the priest spelled wedding hashtag.

I already do not understand anything, so tell you. For years, when someone just I know, invites who to her wedding, despite not having asked «what?» in the last ten years, I answer: I’m going on a trip. And I’m going on a trip. Because I go travel costs me less than the covered, the gift and the wedding dress which I don’t mind at all. And, of course, I enjoy the journey more.

Now that I think about it, perhaps the reason by which the respondents who had a million-dollar wedding separate is not the price of the wedding but what little care the commitment itself.

Who knows.

Some say that the money Yes gives happiness. I would answer them: “Happiness, wealthy or not, has a date of expiration, as everything in this life.” And, once reached the downturn, the important thing is to have someone with values at your side.”