No, They Are Not Dolls House Toys for If Not Mini-Replicas of Cakes from Wedding of Bride and Groom to Remember Them Always

Rachel Kay manages to become an object that your memories of that day so magical enter in the Palm of your hand. His specialty are wedding cakes and their mini size replicas they are the most cute thing we’ve seen in a long time on Instagram.

Rachel Kay has made his obsession with dolls, and even tiny objects a profitable business with a legion of fans on social networks. And wedding cakes are the clear stars.

Want to eat them, such is the realism with which this artist of Los Angeles recreates them, but has actually needed to use acrylic paint, polymer clay, and all kinds of materials not suitable for human consumption.

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The working method is very simple: clients send him a picture of your wedding cake and Rachel calculates the time that takes to recreate it in mini size and material you will need. The costs tend to be between 150 and 200 dollars and, of course, depend on the complexity of the cake to play.

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His previous experience working in pastry, from the hand of one of the references in the United States as it is Duff Goldman and his Charm City Cake West Company have been key to this artist and to acquire all those so refined techniques of decoration.

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