Monaco Wedding Dressed Real and Kate Moss Also

This week if there is something that we have to Excel in all the gossip blogs, fashion, beauty and other family is the Royal Wedding of Monaco where we saw everything from famous actors, models, designers and many many people with Crown, or claims to the same.

So in Poprosa we also put the outfit of gala, the headdress of rigor and got immersed in the details of Monegasque’s great fashion, so with it we started this new review of the best of the last seven days in our particular blogosphere more pink. Don’t miss coming curves…

It looks like us a wedding…

Prince Albert already has a spouse in Charlene Wittstock, He has finally found his Princess, his Queen, although the controversy and the gossips continue one and many turns to this whole story. Let’s look at everything we saw wedding guests and stories of the couple that I have told.

  • Prince Albert of Monaco, the Prince who was looking for a Princess, and another, and another and another…
  • Charlene Wittstock of elite swimmer to Highness Serenesíma, or what is the same, of frog with Speedos to Swan with Valentinos
  • Special Yearbook photos: Charlene Wittstock
  • We already have the first real kiss of Prince Albert and Charlene Wittscock, long live the bride and groom!
  • And following of the civil wedding of Albert of Monaco and Charlène Wittstock we will party with royalty
  • The celebrities and uncrowned Kings arrive at the wedding of Prince Albert and Charlene
  • Princes Princesses at the wedding in Monaco and shot because I’m
  • Albert of Monaco and Charlene Wittscock already are (new) husband and wife!!
  • Oh that see what monkeys are wedding of the Monegasque Royal family
  • Charlene Wittstock: the radiant bride, got it!
  • Carlota Casiraghi, you’re the best, I also declare me fan of yours

More brides in white, who play to the dismissal and that passed it teta

Yes, the thing has gone from celebrity weddings, whether real or fashion. So inevitably to talk about also the wedding of Kate Moss and other relations that are giving to talk about.

  • Bodorrios day: Kate Moss also is us dressed in wedding
  • Pippa Middleton, you know that play the dismissal…
  • Luis Fernández wriggling with Amaia Salamanca? Very strong
  • Summer Rumorazo: Romina Belluscio and Sergio Ramos do together?
  • Eva Longoria to the conquest of Marbella with its Edu
  • Scarlett Johanson and Ryan Reynolds divorced… already know what say guys, a nail bag another
  • Prince Henry new floozy to view, Chelsey to Flee and shot because I’m

Couché paper, houses and other curiosities

And we went to the “anything goes”, to the hodgepodge of news that have passed this week by Poprosa…

  • Has Emma Stone always had that face of Vanity Fair?
  • Bonnie Wright, ciborium, how you’ve grown
  • Anna Paquin and his men, to the farmers last model
  • The houses of the famous: Katy Perry and Russell Brand new
  • And Alejandro to the face of Robert Pattinson! (with the little that it likes the cream…)
  • Paulina Rubio gets rid of jail… as matter of breasts
  • See (supposedly) to Paulina Rubio handcuffed… priceless

And finally the news of the Cosmopolitan Awards Poprosa was present at the…

  • Poprosa petó it the petal awards of Cosmopolitan TV

Here the summary of this week. On Tuesday more and better, and certainly with more heat.