Men Like It Hairy-Swiss Barber Shops

The men are to care, but man must don’t overdo it. The right dose makes it out. The Movember fundraiser begins again on Sunday, November 1 and I dedicate myself today from the beard care on this occasion.

Men the whole month of November long wearing a moustache, promote the prevention of prostate cancer. Certainly is some fun to wear a Schnauzes and the comparison with other hairy donation participants in the foreground.More and more people join us year after year. So also we women to accompany our men in this endeavour and they draw attention to their health.

I got this year my husband to shave his beard, which he wears for years, to say goodbye and to once again. For this I added some useful info together. If you have more tips (fundraisers, care tips, or also useful websites for the styling of facial hair) it communicated us in the comment box.

  1. Grooming-trimming in English.In the Barber paradox at the Rennweg in Zurich have not only trimmed hair for men. No, once in a month, they hold a special night for the ladies.
  2. Bullfrog modern electric Barber-at the newly opened shop in the Zurich Niederdorf can indulge in peace man. Whether it may – be a hair cut, shaving and beard styling at all promise excellent service.
  3. The maximum of the all-round programme offers the partner label WOMO Store right next door. The cosmopolitan man can buy just the right accessories to here and a bit more… Two brands for real men who enjoy life.
  4. Certainly, I could you or your husband a bit tasty make the benefits of this trend.Now there is no way this passes: you/your need to register now for the action “Movember” here & now
  5. You didn’t know probably also still there but the capital also has a barber shop-namely with a barbers.Just agree at the Barber Shop Rosario and the pretty decorative marvel at an appointment. Okay, the women make that perhaps;)
  6. Swiss Shop”Dope for Beards” offers many products for the feel-good and fragrant face hair care.
  7. Give your man the Moustache care set ‘ moustache Kit ‘ so there are no more excuses: “didn’t have time”-it’s all at your fingertips in the practical Tin can.Discovered Our site in the new Swiss shop
  8. Yes, yes I know this cup “Mug Happy Camper” might not fit on the subject, but to the beard-wearing man.To buy in the shop from Sion ch
  9. Now, I started with a new theme and must pull through until the very end…Who has still no tattoo is perhaps soon new owners of this”Fisticuffs” by Mitchell Black. Found at Our site.
  1. Twinsocks-made in Switzerland. A Crowdfunding project by Thomas Gfeller alias Thomas Jakobson. Modern graphic socks with identical fly – all in one set and also available separately. Support this project and become active on way from disposable fashion in the direction of sustainable and durable fashion!
  2. The Swiss by the premium Gin label “Turicum” in Zurich have made it on the list of the ten best gin in the world–selected by world BB´s luxury Guide.  We have already known the also. Why? Who invented hats…

Who is still Bart until now, should get rid these best in professional hands with a Shavedown. A venerable occasion to organize in Switzerland some… Best visit the Facebook page by Movember Switzerland -there you will find the current dates who where when starts.

I am of course about feedback how the decrease in the growth of stubble, fuzz and wild hair. Write to me in the comment box and it gives few Fränkli!