Marion And Didi: Spring Awakening In The Garden

How lovely is the sultry fragrance of the flowering Apple trees in the air and the love that suggests their antics, gives spring-like flavor. Once in the nose, you never forget how sweet love can smell in April.

Here, in the beautiful courtyard and garden at the Ganglbauergut in Ansfelden, blends still have the flair of Mediterranean grace added: lush green olive branches, peach-colored flowers, spring anemones. And with the narrow vases in copper and white candles, this ensemble shows vintage attitude in addition.

It is the unique wedding dream of Marion and Didi, who have staged this spring wedding in the open air along with the Weddinplannerin Verena Kindermann exclusive weddings Austria . In the joyful colours of ivory, Sage, copper, and peach.

Just as delicate and lovely as the wedding colors, the bride is in her loose falling gown of Elf dress over the gravel of the estate. Always towards the garden, where already the altar with its pink materials becomes the self built window and the releases look in the beautiful natural scenery.

A Yes, enough so that Marion and Didi could experience the pure happiness. This naturalness and delicate elegance found themselves harmoniously combined in the wedding.

But also in the decoration of wedding with their attention to detail: such as the luscious sweet table of cake Couture, the many small copper elements and the flower arrangements by Ulrike Siegl Varun in delicate pastel shades.

It does not need more for an unforgettable spring awakening. Only true love. And these wonderful images from wedding photographer Carolin Anne.