Luxury Weddings: a Cake Bridal Personalized from Rachel Mount

One of the most quoted pastry for the wedding cake is a luxury wedding Rachel Mount. His creations for special celebrations reach the level of work of art, you can judge your work in these images.

The wedding cake It is one of the details of greater role in a wedding. If your dream is to be personalized, not only to choose the ingredients but the shape and decoration, you must record this information to your list.

Service can not be exclusive although it should foresee in advance the CITES agreed in his London Studio in North Kensington. It seems that his agenda is still so replete with orders as usual.

Sketches of cakes of different floors You can see the different pictures are some of the work already carried out, with the wonderful result in sugar, butter, vanilla, Orange, chocolate, sweet beads, etc. In the bottom photo, one of the largest work.

You have to foresee a time of service for 4 to 12 weeks, especially if the wedding is celebrated between the months of April since October which is its high season. Everything will depend on whether choose a design from the catalogue of suggestions or is going to be one custom cake, as the themes that you see below.

Spectacular. True pastry sculptures for one of the most important days of your life. In the Gallery of images, other designs with pigeons for a romantic wedding cake, with links to more minimalist tastes. Dreaming of your own and draw it, Rachel Mount will finish it by ti.

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