Loveshooting In Scotland By Toldofoto

Outside it looks then that the summer gradually adopted. Drops of rain Pattering against the Windows and the first Brown leaves are wet on the grass.Some of you have designed a little upside hang while reading my essay, but I would like to remind you that has to offer beautiful also the next season really.Golden autumn foliage, enchanted landscapes in fog shrouded and of course the patter of raindrops when they fall on my window sill.

These breathtaking pictures remind me of the upcoming autumn. They are recorded but this spring by Kathrin & David from Our site, as they together travelled to Scotland for their own wedding. Only in the smallest circle they dare. Two of her favorite companions were the brother and

sister-in-law of Kathrin. Perhaps they some of you also recognize. It is namely t & Matthias Tabea Maria-Lisa | Floristry and decoration. Followed by the wonderful pictures of her beautiful Loveshooting in Scotland and the two a little bit of their private side meets…

Can you tell a little bit about you as a couple? For example, from your getting to know up to the present day.

We are still working our story of how we met, to bring in a coherent and consistent story. Because when now exactly the then rather extroverted Tabea has addressed the then rather introverted Mät – especially Tabea places value on this order – is unclear. It is clear that we both – he should be our best man later – were close friends with a person and man / woman ran this once in a year on his birthday on the way. But at the latest when the said person was 20 years old, we met from certain, not to mention endless reasons on the balcony here and so one to the other, as man / woman say, led. Keep we have especially on aesthetic matters. And this summer we were then regularly three to the houses. Our future best man went this summer traveling and also Tabea went away, namely to London to work as a florist. A year later Tabea returned for a few weeks in Switzerland and because was the third party in the U.S. still on travel, we were now so only still together. It was the second intensive summer, but somehow we have failed even then to tackle the whole thing officially before Tabea already was back on his way to London. So Mät had to Jet two weeks later with an airplane- and from then on, it was also an official relationship, or an official long distance relationship. From then on we lived, as the LondonerInnen say so beautiful out «of a suitcase. Before the next summer, Mät rose then one last time as a Bachelor in the plane to London. In the favorite pup by Tabea, there was a song with a guitar, 7 white roses and summer Tabea came as fiancee back in Switzerland – «for good». We have married another summer later. And before now, all begin to expect: we got married young and after quite a short time. Mät, originally Polygraf, meanwhile, had rescheduled the matura and enrolled at the University, and Tabea wanted to adopt their experience from London and founded her own wedding floristry and decoration – it-companies. Today, the aesthetic matters (a quite widely understood term) – are the reason why we at that time on the balcony of conversation not went out – our common denominator.

What is for you the most beautiful most be married?

To live in the tension between individuality and collectivity, together and alone.

How do you celebrate your wedding anniversary?

As the life also: freaked out times, times simply, times dreamy, once considered by…

What is the funniest thing to your partner / your partner?

Tabea: Mät speaks extraordinarily well ironically.
Mät: Tabea can without the eyelashes and the meaning of «now-tell ‘-I too time what super smart», creative reword any proverbs and sayings.

Where do you look in 50 years?

Once a free weekend most enjoy? 😉 Difficult question. Dreams, ideas and visions for our future’s not lack of guarantees, but we can just also like to surprise us. Maybe on the balcony of an old Bernese estate most discuss about aesthetic issues…

What piece of advice for a happy married life do you have for other couples?

«There are successful half-measures» (F. Sandra) – in a marriage once again fragment, broken, imperfect and Chopper – to, is a sign of a healthy marriage, because a half-successful marriage is also been around a good marriage.