Lorenzo Caprile, History of a Luxury Wedding Dress

Formed in New York and Florence but this Designer and Couturier is Spanish. We all know that Princess Leticia relies on your taste and professionalism but cu CV to date is impressive and I need a post whole or more.

Today we will see how the idea is born a wedding dress and is evolving to shine in the most important day of a woman in love. The protagonist here bride wanted to create clothing from two accessories own: a fabulous tiara of coral in 1800 and a delicate old Embroidered silk tulle shawl.

First contact bride and designer, is necessary a vis-à-to explain the dream dress and what can be done. Because sometimes you have an idea that seems great but will not give value to our attributes: Professional will bring party to an important detail that we passed unnoticed. They are imposed tests of different gasillas, begin to select basic shapes that suit best.

The Silhouette It is already determined: will be cutting Empire, without much volume and adjusted to the body. Inspired by color coral of the tiara and the drawings of the blanket embroidery, Lorenzo Gets give life to the dream of the bride merging all the ideas: applies it to dress a few subtle embroidery of coral.

The relevant of the Lorenzo team are committed to 100% in their laborious sewing of a clear cleavage, with displaced shoulders and sleeveless. The same coral details adorn the Bridal Shoes, very elegant with white fishnets.

The touch of grace: a long sash silk chiffon in coral that fell down to the ground more than the tail breaking the uniformity of the white. Fantastic, fresh and original. Now if that whole ensalzará tiara in 1800 at the same time as the bride: a sublime framework.

I would have loved to add photo final to appreciate the dress in all its splendor and its long sash with tulle but it has not been possible. Photos are not available due to an error and the email of the webmaster does not work. A nuisance because I also want to see it finished! As soon as you get the finished photo I incorporaré it.

This has been the history of silk, coral and embroidered tulle from the sketch of a custom wedding dress by Lorenzo Caprile: a luxury since Salamanca for the most important love event of every woman. I hope you liked.

Official site | Lorenzo Caprile photos: Mark Gregory Peters