Kate Middleton Wedding, Shakira and Childhood Wasting Love, The Provocation of Lady Gaga and More in The Week in Poprosa

After the aftermath of Easter last water, touch make the weekly summary of the best of the last seven days in Poprosa. To start, it is inevitable to not talk about what will be the unquestionable protagonist of next Friday and almost of the Decade: Kate Middleton, to which we have dedicated a special based on his childhood, where you can see how the future Queen of England was in his childhood and adolescence. But that is also another story that has surprised us it won’t let you distracting her that she herself will be that photo on a special day. That is courage and the other nonsense knowing you’re going to have to the international press looking magnifying glass all and every one of the details.

But not everything in Poprosa has been Royal Wedding, also have had many other stories of couples and celebrities of the juiciest & #8230;

Another one of the celebrities who had more presence these days in the pink blog par excellence, has been Shakira and, therefore, their beloved Pique with who is dedicated to kisses and more kisses already is going out to eat or watching a football match, which is normal to displaying the attributes of the footballer. But speaking of football, it was one of the major sufferers of the classic Real Madrid-Barça, clear as the opposing team won there was no celebration, that already dealt Sergio Ramos destroying cup full.

And speaking of couples, can not leave out that LeAnn Rimes us he has married, in addition to Mario Casas and María Valverde It seems that they are together, in addition to see again to Eva Longoria and Eduardo Cruz enjoy one of the other.

To not vary time to talk about of Lady Gaga that has returned to the magazines with this cover so … so … do curious? I have no words with as much zip, in its line of provocation, no doubt. Of course, that we have also seen it in another manner, sticking a swipe on the stage from those that make time (in addition to having to suffer incredible pain) and also knowing the tension that was because his single was leaked ‘ Judas & #8217;.

Although talking about journal could appoint also DT with Tania Llasera very very sexy, just like Ana de Armas in Cosmopolitan or the controversy that has generated the new FHM as Paco Leon have censored his Twitter. Tremendous.

And finally there is talk of Lindsay Lohan that they have become to condemn prison, even though he already paid the bail, and in addition, seize, services the community by scrubbing the Los Angeles morgue. Fabric.

And so far the best of the week review. Next Tuesday we released already month of May and, hopefully, that good weather leaving behind these rains. Yourselves.