Just Get Married! The Book By Stefanie Luxat

Guess what I found in my mailbox recently. “Just marry the new wedding guide”! The dear Steffi, who get author even has me. How great is that? Even more happier I have then one night the sleep, but very cosy cuddle the lastpage opened.

Who’s doing this? The book from the back start to read. Probably the last part interested me because I’m married already already 2.5 years with my loved ones. That is why I’m reviewing the book whether it really keeps what it promises…

Excerpt from the blurb:Marry and stay relaxed!

Engaged-how romantic! And the wedding-this is fantastic! Already months before we go of stress: how invites you and above all who? Which dress, who is sitting where, and what does the groom? What looks like the decoration, what can you do-or just order? The humorous Advisor BRIGITTE author Stefanie Luxat with many tips, tricks, and stories from real life.

It should be the most beautiful day of your life. The most attractive wedding of all time, the herzallerliebste groom, a great party, happy guests… But inevitably all involved in planning, and the bride and groom forgets what it actually even wanted. The experience has made also BRIGITTE author Stefanie Luxat and wondered: why predicts that a nobody? So was this wedding book, with which both succeed: marry and stay relaxed! Honest and entertaining tells them of her own big day and the weddings of her friends (including all breakdowns!) and helps couples to clarify all the questions which come to prepare them. With countless tips and creative ideas, with more than 100 addresses is this book like a good friend that accompanies couples through this exciting time – and constantly says: everything is good…

The book itself-it has a great layout, the colors and the fonts I liked. It is peppered with many shopping tips, but also with many budget friendly do it yourself instructions. Also great, I find the kind of Steffi, that itself implements many ideas and not some stylish Agency has commissioned. Very personally described and written. The book is not so thick and heavy, handy to have it always with you. Almost like a girlfriend by your side, that will accompany you and advises-it ‘just get married Stefanie Luxat wedding book”.

In addition to her job as a book author, Steffi writes on her Our site. There you will find many more useful guide book to the Brigitte and interesting background stories “just marry such as, for example, their Making-of Film to the book! The wedding book”by Stefanie Luxat.

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Book review on Our site by Catherine:The book by Stefanie Luxat is just wonderful. At first glance, you can see how much heart, soul and passion has put the author in this book.
The book is super, and is accompanied by all through the wedding planning process, get DIY ideas and inspirations, as well as in between getting glimpses of the wedding of the author, making the book very much stands out from other popular wedding books.
Also a wide variety of weddings of other pairs are presented entertaining, there’s also interviews and tips from other wonderful people and experts in the wedding industry in between, so that you can get valuable inspirations.
The book is suitable for all brides, no matter whether it is at the beginning of the planning or already has progressed in the wedding planning process.There are many ideas that you can implement even at short notice!
The book is also great as a gift for a wedding, for example by the maid of honor or mother.

And who owns this book?

You can inherit this book of mine, but only with a short application, why just you should get this book. So give good arguments, you must convince me of 2013 on the Sunday, 10 March until 23:59!
Leave a comment and be hopeful that soon this wedding guide accompanies you in your wedding planning.

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