Its Not Father He Wanted to Take Her to The Altar for Being a Gay Wedding, So His Boss Took All

Jennifer is a Taiwanese employee of the company HSBC with a completely normal life. At least, until He decided to marry his girlfriend, rather than to parents as traditional as theirs seemed to them an offense. They refused to attend the wedding, but her Chief responded in the most moving way: if his father did not carry it up to the altar, he would do it and all the way would accompany it.

His parents not only missed the celebration, but they also have cut off all contact with her due to his strong rejection and homophobia. A situation as delicate as this, Jennifer I feared rejection also in the social and labour, but nothing further from reality. His coworkers and friends together is all to celebrate their love on their wedding day.

Jennifer and his partner, Sam, have been together for 11 years. Obviously, both have been obstacles and rejections in a society so conservative as the Taiwan. Nor have been able to formalize their union legally due to the lack of recognition of same-sex marriages in the country. And even so, they wanted to organize a very meaningful ceremony, to which Jennifer went arm CEO John Li. And not only that, the company carried out the video of your wedding. To then say that all bosses are so bad!