Invited to a Wedding with Few Euros in His Pocket and No Dress: We Have The Solution

A less. Last week I went to my first wedding of 2014 and my mind took a breath quiet for a few moments: one outfit of less to worry about. But now, what to wear at other weddings? You do not believe I have one couple more, and the invited them have already seen me with all my repertoire of dresses repeatedly. For this reason have to change but my current account deteriorates (touching the thin red line). So today I show you simple and proposals where the prices are more than attractive (as far as dresses refers). That Yes, as for jackets and accessories, it is best that you use for wardrobe (it is what I will do at least).

I need a dress already!

  • Strapless and draping of Bershka, 45,99 EUR.
  • Rhinestone jacket of Kate Moss for Topshop, 295 EUR.
  • Rigid and golden belt of ASOs, 42.17 EUR.
  • Rigid headband from Zara, 12,95 EUR.
  • In nude and gold Sandals of ASOs, 63.25 euros.
  • Strass rigid clutch of Mango, 49.99 EUR.
  • White Blazer from Topshop, 72 euros.
  • Dress in blush pink with Rhinestones necklace of Mango, 99.99 EUR.
  • Elastic bracelet with shiny rhinestones of New Look, 10,54 EUR.
  • Metallic clutch of Bershka, 25,99 EUR.
  • High-heeled Sandals of Zara, 49,95 EUR.

Bet by a monkey

  • Clutch type box in white, black and gold of Zara, 49,95 EUR.
  • Perfume 212 VIP’s Carolina Herrera.
  • Rigid bracelet from Zara, 9,95 EUR.
  • Shoes type jewel Conscious Exclusive H & M, 179 euros.
  • Mono Tuxedo with bare back type of White, 49.99 EUR.
  • Monkey with Sweetheart neckline of Bershka.
  • Necklace of Mango, 39.99 EUR.
  • Sequin clutch of ASOs, 56,22 euros.
  • Sandals of Topshop, 155 euros.

Photos | The blonde salad

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