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Brand Facts:

Ian Stuart Bride is a British brand specializing in designing and manufacturing high quality bridal dresses with many styles.

They combine cutting-edge design with personal requirements, and they are always devoted to providing the best bridal dresses with beautiful design, skilled workmanship and unique elegance for brides in the worldwide.

Ian Stuart Bride Wedding Dress

Ian Stuart Bride Wedding Dress

Main Categories:

Lady Luxe Collection, Frill Me! Collection, Supernova Collection, Killer Queen Collection, Revolution Rocks Collection, Paramount Collection, Belle Epoque Collection

Ian Stuart Bridal Dresses


Time and place: 2003, London, UK

Early products: bridal gowns

Founder: Ian Stuart, Peter Tague

Map of London

Map of London

Headquarter Location:

W.Dulwich, London, UK

Store Locations:

UK, Australia, Bahamas, Belgium, Netherlands, France, Germany, South Africa, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Middle East, US, Canada, Russia, Slovakia, Switzerland

New Arrivals:


Price Range:

Bridal gowns: USD299-USD4200

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