How to Measure Your Bracelet Size

Bracelets come in many different sizes and shapes and are a beautiful addition to your jewelry collection. When it comes to choosing a bracelet, it is important to make sure that the size has a good fit. It is much easier if you have the right size, especially when you order a bracelet online. It is easy to determine the size of your bracelet and it can be done away from the comfort of your home with household items!

Do you already have a bracelet that suits you?

Estimated time: 2 minutes

Prepare the tools in advance:

  • Scissor
  • Ruler
  • A piece of paper
  • Pen
  • Masking tape

STEP 1: Preparation

Present the tools in advance.

  • You will need: a pencil, scissors, masking tape, a ruler and a piece of paper.
  • Cut a thin strip of paper, you will need it to measure your wrist.

STEP 2: Wrap the paper strip

  • Glue a piece of masking tape to one end of the strip of paper and attach the piece of tape to your wrist.
  • Wrap the strip of paper just below the wrist where you usually wear a bracelet.
  • Mark your strip of paper with a pencil where the end of the bracelet should be.

STEP 3: Measure

Measure the paper strip with a ruler. This is the wrist size. For bracelets with charms that hang up on your hand, you can measure the point where your wrist meets your hand and add about 1.3 cm to it.

STEP 4: Size guide for bracelets

Use the following wristband size guide to determine the diameter of your hand. To find the bracelet size, increase the wrist size based on the following steps and how you want the bracelet to fit:

  • For a snug fit, add 6 to 13 mm.
  • For a comfortable fit, add 19 to 25 mm.
  • For a loose fit, add 25 to 32 mm.

Take a look at our Bracelet Size Guide below to find out your bracelet size.

Bracelet Size Guide

Size Inner circumference (cm) Inner circumference (in)
XS 14 5.5
S 15.2 6
S / M 16.5 6.5
M 17.8 7
L 19 7.5
XL 21.5 8.5

Printable Bracelet Size Meter

If you already own a bracelet that fits you comfortably and that you would like to find the same size on, then print out our PDF Bracelet Size Guide! Place your bracelet on the chart to find out your bracelet size. If you are interested in buying vintage style jewelry for men, check InternetAges.