Honeymoon In Thailand-Arrival In Bangkok

Wanderlust, wanderlust, and spirit of discovery into many of us. But if you should deny it now, then just next time again, read with. Because today I tell you from my last holiday. It was my honeymoon. Honeymoon with my husband!

Honeymoon in Thailand

Okay, I’m married now already for six years with my husband. We had celebrated wedding at that time first in Switzerland and then again in Finland.It was much more party and family visit as romantic intimacy. And our son was already there and had accompanied us.

Beginning this summer the tourist office Thailand asked me to, whether we would like to travel to Thailand, so to speak incognito as a honeymoon couple as a couple. Of course, that’s what we had. And thanks to my in-laws we could bring to our honeymoon, right, so in just this togetherness.

Where on the honeymoon?

Whether it should go right after the pattern of the Hollywood romance in connection to the Hochzeitssause or later where you want to go and when you plan your holiday depends on.

Those who opt for Thailand is flexible on dates because the country is feasible throughout the year. In the low season (April – November), the prices are cheaper. For that, the weather is often changeable. Here, it is worth each to plan for an alternative program for rainy weather. But what do I tell da, in the honeymoon you never want the bed leaving 😉


The honeymoon on the beach are most popular among Swiss. That Thailand has much more to offer, has led us at the beginning of our journey in Bangkok before eyes. There were for example the friendliness and hospitality of the Thai people.

Already on our arrival at the airport in Bangkok we were greeted warmly and the Thai way by our guide by Royal silk holidays : we got a good-luck charm of fresh jasmine flowers for our wrist. ‘Hopefully the whole trip accompany me Mmmh this fragrance – being.’ went through the head as I was full of anticipation for the next few days on the flower chain. Our guide would give us all day long accompany and tell much about the country and the people. And the only still excellent in German language. My husband found it very pleasing that he completely could leave the planning and organising someone. Just sit back and enjoy rather than on the means of transport, the snack and so on to look after. At all road trips, the air conditioning always by the way.

Small tip at this point: have one scarf or one knitted jacket. Ye greatly rejoice very about it. The air conditioners are always too cold adjusted for Swiss conditions. Cold pre-programmed.

No hangover at Hotel Lebua State Tower

After check-in at the Hotel Lebua State Tower my husband first of all had to examine the view from our balcony. From the 56th floor, mind you. Not so with me. Pure fear of heights. But, as often this year, I introduced me to my fears and ventured on the balcony. Okay, not quite up to the railing, but at least three steps away from the door. Thrill. Dull feeling in the stomach. Sweaty Palms. I have the feeling that it is shaking up here. There are only my legs. I survived habs. And honestly, it’s very handy so high up to spend the night, because you can hear little from the lively bustle on Bangkok’s streets.Right next to our room, the huge “hangover Suite”, was named after the film.But that was also the only parallel to the film. No hangover.

It’s less romantic but these breathtaking views and urban atmosphere we like very! If a Chilean Rosé we toast on our honeymoon and our six years as a married couple. From here we had not planned probably the dinner at the above eleven. But now we know we have to do this again! High five!

Experience with Thai food Historic Bangrak food tasting and culture tour

We love Thai food, but what lies ahead will bring a lot of new experiences us.Together with some other participants, the restaurant guide of Bangkok food tours leads us to restaurant. Most are nondescript places where we otherwise would pass. Our tour takes us through Bangrak, A.K.A. village of love, the century-old Dresden neighborhood. We meet in the culinary peculiarities of each region of Thailand about 3.5 hours. Local differences. Also, this tour through the old Bangkok with a Buddhist temple, a private, Christian school takes us and we learn even historical backgrounds of the capital of Thailand.

Women’s journey Thailand

Dressed up like we are you might think we would renew our wedding vows to marry so to speak once again. But no, we are invited to a fancy evening event with the Director of the tourism and the Deputy Prime Minister of Thailand.

The speech by Mrs Kobkarn Wattanavrangkul, sports and Tourism Director Thailand campaign “women’s journey Thailand” moves us almost to tears because we feel this topic is as important to you. Women should and can move freely in Thailand, travel around the country discover. Without concern for the physical well-being. To this end they called August all month actions in life, so that more women get to know the land of smiles.

We loved the company of international guests and we enjoyed the beautiful gifts, and the heartfelt adoption of the tourism Director personally.

A drink at the rooftop bar of the Millennium Hilton Hotel we have had together with two journalists from Germany once again us influence the stunning Bangkok prior to the continuation of the journey to the South!

Will it be hopefully not our last stay in the never sleeping city with its friendly residents.

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Honeymoon Special: Bangkok

How did we find the hotel?

Practically located. The tower looks you already from far away and always easily finds its way back. Friendly staff. The room leaves nothing to be desired. Well, you could set air conditioning.

There was a special honeymoon service?

Welcomed with a bottle of MUMM’s champagne, a small wedding cake and a bouquet of red roses.

How was the romance factor?

There’s quite a place for a romantic getaway with a spacious bathroom with bath and glass shower.

Were you disturbed? Did you have enough privacy?

Yes, all very well. We felt never bothered and have heard nothing.

What destination you liked on the honeymoon?

Contrary to my expectations first, the city really liked me. Usually I’m more comfortable in the countryside in nature.

And what is not?

Much waste is partly around and therefore it can sometimes also unpleasant smell. And of course the exhaust smell of Tuktuks.

Next time…?

We come back and allow more time to learn and experience more of Bangkok.