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Wedding guests, party-goers and brides beware: you’re sometimes so desperately looking for a beautiful & portable dress? Most items can be combined perfectly with each other? So you have to any occasion properly dressed is without that it tweaks? And without that we just have a huge hole in our wallet?

Our site-Gabi & Claudia, two cousins from Switzerland, have developed an idea from this emergency and implemented a great online shop for holiday dresses.

When I attended g & Claudia and was allowed to get to know your concept I fell right off the bat. You are full of ideas & zest. We may be now curious what they all will implement in the near future.

Started in may 2015, it have already supplemented its range with the new autumn winter colors. In the meantime can be over 33 000 put together combinations. Since I cannot decide me always so hard I should probably all have 😉 What would the well cost?

All dresses are made in Switzerland and are of high quality. The price of a dress (bodice and skirt) is located between 310 and 450 CHF. The belts are made of genuine Italian leather and are made by hand in Italy. They cost between 69 CHF (classic leather belt) and 195 CHF (belt with Steinapplikationen).

Evening wardrobe mix & match

Wonderful items in the trendy colors of the season, can be combined with each other perfectly. With the various belts you wand the last spark of “Magic” in your modern evening clothes.

For everyday

After the event is nothing to give away this great looks – if you match the upper part and the lower part with your clothes, manages it to revalue the cheapest solution to your closet friends without big spending money.

Of course, I slipped on my visit to Our site equal times in a few outfits. Knowledge of the day: everything is super high quality portable, convenient, and if you want to hide a few pounds, you have the great selection of different parts to bring the advantages into focus. In their clothes you feel so comfortable, that you would no longer take them off but go right down to the next party.

So as of now there are no excuses anymore, having no suitable dress for an event, you’ll find it and probably happy Our site!

Bridal fashion

By the way – they have both practical and stylish dresses for the bride.Whether you want to wear it for the party in the registry office or for an intimate celebration in a small circle, again it has numerous combinations to marry in white.

Gabi & Claudia are pleased about your visit in the Swiss online shop:

From 1 September 2015, they offer in their new showroom (Jupiiii!) Fittings to date. The showroom is piq studio, located at the glass painter 6 in 8004 Zurich.

Stylehäppchen reader action
For all those of you they can wait no longer as long or quite simply too far away – live in the deepest Valley, 10% discount with the coupon code “stylehaeppchen10” will receive in the online shop for the purchase. Valid up to the 31.08.2015.