Heki And Albert – Cerulean Boho Dream

The bride on the arm of her father appears radiant, beautiful and photogenic.

Good looking, smart and chic her groom waiting already eagerly they. A couple like each other? Far from! Because Heki wearing white exclusively in the hair, and in her hand, her lace dress sets the tone on this day. Sky blue as her eyes it is the model of countless details of this wedding.

That this charming pair is used to stand in front of the camera is hard to overlook. During filming met and experienced a common love shooting together young lucky. Wedding on trial so to speak, because while they were learning not only the great photographer Caterina Hoffmann, but also the equally successful wedding Designer Mademoiselle fairy know, that they now for their own Bohemian wedding in rust on their side had.

Hard to believe what Stefanie alias Mademoiselle fairy in just eight weeks preparation time be true had: a refreshingly light sky-blue boho dream in which all decorative elements such as small cogs attacked each other and perfectly harmonized.

“Hekis calendar burst seams for professional reasons, therefore I could realize my ideas to you can’t do a request. Two long weeks full of frustration later, I was about to serve her the ring in a greasy finished pizza cheese and baggy pants sonntagabendlichen Netflix program. “In the end, I gave her the ring, after I played in/sung a song, I barely 6 months-worked on which however actually on the couch in the Schlabberlook.” tells us the ecstatic groom on marriage.

Usual stylish and authentic Caterina Hoffmann Photography captured this special day with all its facets and lets us take part with their fantastic imagery to the mood of this wedding.