Harry Collins Held The Gold Wales Kate Middleton Wedding

It was the Queen Mother, Isabel Bowes-Lyon, who wanted that his Covenant of marriage King Jorge VI it was performed with gold from the Clogau St David mine, located in Bontddu, North Wales. It was the year 1923 and began a tradition in the British Royal family.

That same Welsh gold is that Harry Collins, official jeweler of the Crown since 2007, will be the Alliance of Kate Middleton. Only one? Yes, only an Alliance since that Prince William has already expressed his desire not to carry Alliance after the link.

They no longer exist gold mines in Wales, the last one closed in 2007. But the Royal family retains since 1981 a nugget of 36 grams, a little gem where the gold for the Alliance of Kate Middleton will be obtained. Both the Alliance and the engagement ring come charged from great sentimental value. I can’t imagine greater honor for a jeweler by profession as Harry Collins to perform a ring so very special in his workshop.