Halle Berry Boasts Boyfriend, Katy Perry’s Wedding, The New Figure of Wax of Cheryl Cole and More in The Week in Poprosa

Since we started well this last week of October, at least with good news in the world of the heart. And it is that these were days in which it seems that the wind has changed somewhat and the famous are better humor than in past days. So much so that we’ve seen to Halle Berry for the first time Olivier Martinez, her new boyfriend at a red carpet arm.

But it is also this week we had a wedding than most-anticipated, of Katy Perry with Russell Brand. It has taken place in the India giving exotic touch that they both sought. They have sold the exclusive to a magazine so it will take a few days to see how were the bride and groom.

After the rumor-mill hand two possibilities, that of Taylor Swift and Jake Gyllehaal and Cameron Diaz and Matthew Morrison intrude. Since then two varied couples where any.

That Yes, if something also it has been marked the week it has been by the go and come from magazines and more magazines. Thus we have seen this story of Irina Shayk, the girlfriend of Cristiano Ronaldo, for Harper’s Bazaar that the truth have managed to get it horrific, with how cute she is, are nothing to do with the story to the native of Elle and the cover that also stars.

But we have also seen Shakira in GQ by attacking the policies of French President or Ana Fernández in FHM, which by the way we have heard us who already lives with her boyfriend and fellow cast in ‘The protected’. That Yes, FHM must talk about the list of the sexiest year where Spanish should be noted to Edurne that Palm has been.

For clear, beautiful, guapona Uma Thurman and rolled his makeup on the face. You have to see these famous little looking in the mirror to avoid being like Christ… There are who understand them.

Much better without a doubt, the great figure of wax made by Cheryl Cole, this is one of those times where there is to say that the resemblance is more than reasonable and that up to us could be wrong about who’s who right?

And as special noted the review of the celebrities more googleadas 2010.

So far the review of the best of the last few days. Next week we already released a month and already entered the more harsh winter. Good seed.