Groomzilla or When The Groom Cares More for The Wedding That You

In recent times we are witnessing a phenomenon completely revolutionary: the of boyfriends that are involved both in organizing your wedding up to missing papers. They are the Groomzillas, a term used by the Americans to name them, a fusion of the words groom (groom) and Godzilla (huge crazed mutant dinosaur).

Anyone would think that the groom is a vital part of any wedding, but years ago it seemed that its existence was not really necessary nor expected his opinion to choose anything. Weddings were a thing of women, right? And, in addition, there were so many men prepared to face a lengthy debate with her future mother-in-law about if napkins should double inverted cone-shaped or shaped cocoon in flower.

But something is changing in the world of weddings at a spectacular rate. That kind of left or reluctant boyfriends are already a thing of the past. Today the couple are involved both in the Organization of a wedding as your partner and they are part of each and every one of the decisions. At the end, and after the, also it’s your day, isn’t it? The problem is that some are involving too. They are the Groomzillas.

How to identify a Groomzilla.

The Groomzillas are obsessed with making your wedding perfect Spotify list, find a tie, the tie, that make game with the tone of its pupils, train a flock of pigeons that take flight at the same time coming out of the Church or serve the latest fashion in tapas-fusion.

If your guy is thinking about organizing your ceremony in a spot in the middle of nowhere and do bring a Druid that it built a magic stone circle where you make your votes, it is already a good track that we are facing a case of Groomzilla. But if you’re not safe at all, we five keys to detect it:

1. only aspire to perfection.

Your wedding It must be the best wedding of history and of course, it is thousand times more important than any to be held that same day. The Groomzilla tighten nuts suppliers with impossible demands, behaving like an insensitive no matter to which that florists, the D.J., etc. have other customers and compatible with your ceremony compromises.

2 it demands to be the center of attention.

It is traditionally the brides were the protagonists of the wedding and it was unfair. But today it is clear that that has changed. Oh, but it may be that your particular Groomzilla requires that you yourselves more attention to compensate so many years of injustice. If you want to be the Queen of the dance already you can start to worry.

3. don’t want to negotiate.

You want to sound the anthem of his favourite football team when they bring the wedding cake, forbids dancing because not he likes to dance, you want that the ceremony be held in klingon to the purest style Sheldon Cooper… The thing can be hard if is uncompromising.

4 says Yes to everything and then change your mind all the time.

Desperate. The typical case of “no, choose you, which to me gives me equal”, but then it is lying! That if you have allergy to salmon, if remember you the tulips to a horrible trip to Holland, Yes… Speak now or street forever It should be the motto on the entire organization of the wedding.

5. is obsessed with the small details.

Absurdities that served a salad with meat knife, food other than Brown, that all chairs are such designer or that flowers will play with your tie. Nothing is good enough for him and everything becomes a drama. Hence the attack of nerves because someone sits where it should not be, there is a step.


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