First Rules of Protocol for The Guests at The Wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton

If you’re one of the guests to the Royal Wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton your biggest nightmare is not what you’ll get but how to follow the rules of Protocol.

Because if normally the word protocol nervous to the more versed in these matters, the English rules for a Royal Wedding may be cause for nightmares. Who would gafar it during a Royal Wedding? Dios libre I give the note and that me pointing!

The difficulty of the rules of etiquette and Protocol It is to find them, many of them are implied, many other jealously guarded masters agenda. I imagine that to be in this list of distinguished guests, the social circle in which you move already has taught you many of them.

But we must not fall into the error of believing that it is one ceremony more, much more. When it’s too much, the best is to prepare adequate advance notice and consult to a expert Protocol: How to choose, what to wear, what to say and when.

We will be exploring as much as possible in the not so obvious Protocol the event until the next ceremony April 29, 2011. The three basic rules announced by experts in Protocol Sarah Hayward and William Hanson they have already been around the world:

* Don’t be late Since only the bride and groom and guests can arrive after Queen Elizabeth.

  • The Queen Elizabeth It is inviolable: it may not hug, or Kiss, or even speak. Extensible to the other members of the Royal family.
  • Forbidden Tweet!

Send tweets or Facebook update throughout the development of the ceremony. Not enter me in the head who may be operating with mobile during the event. Yes, that is what goes and that it has gained a force excessive on social networks but the idea seems grotesque. A lack of respect. I don’t understand how someone can go to an important event with the phone open, if he saw someone tweeting I think I chafo her foot with my stiletto heel. And with a big smile.