Fest-Und Hochzeitsmesse Zurich 10-11 January 2015

Are you two on the weekend of 10-11 January 2015 to visit the fest – und Hochzeitsmesse in Zurich? Here you can find a place equal to 250 fixed and Hochzeitsdienstleister, who can watch her, ask, or the same book. Maybe you look at before some of the exhibitors in the Internet, which you would like closer look at the fair. Get your own small exhibitors visit schedule. Just like me…

My tip for an inspiring and entertaining day at the fair:

Visit the wedding Forum and learns from Caterina Pelosato Courtney Baker how to “Fit for the wedding”. Then visit the fashion show where you can admire the first Bridal dresses and suits for the groom on the

catwalk ever.Which style might fit to you and to your planned wedding celebration? With these first impressions, you can a little digress already the first time and dream of the honeymoon. Daniel Stöckli of legends travel provides the perfect inspiration for possible dream Islands: Seychelles and Mauritius, even back in the wedding Forum. With these images in mind you can care now in the special exhibition by Pedro Sanchez “Seasons of Love” to the thing on the head. His team shows on the subject of «four seasons» best hairstyles with accessories such as floral decorations in the “Bohemian” style or with glittering crystals. We remain at head height and go over to the ears. What music would fit in well with your dream celebration? Do you like? On two show stage artists and musicians with their diverse repertoire imagine. You present the wide range of styles such as rock, pop, jazz, Gospel, country, or classical music as a band or entertainers. Should the music of the wedding give a joyous, festive or romantic frame? A very practical opportunity to experience the musicians and artists, to personally meet and might also be to engage their own Festival.

Now, the ears wiggle you determined after so many interesting info and tips for the personal and individual design of your wedding celebration. You will have still a lot to discuss, but first put all leave and go to sleep and therefore play the mind movies can be!

Everything you need to know can be found in the useful and practical mobile exhibition guide: Our site. Then nothing more in the way of your lucky start in the successful wedding planning-is you have fun!