Fest-Und Hochzeitsmesse St. Gallen With a New Concept

The fest-und Hochzeitsmesse St.Gallen held for the first time in the autumn.From 8 to 9 November the St.Galler is transformed into a romantic paradise, where the bride and groom find inspiration for your wedding party exhibition halls. You can you the one or the other Hochzeitsdienstleister a closer look at spot and get these tips and advice from experienced wedding specialists.Overall, over 200 exhibitors will be you with help and advice available.Madness!

How can you keep track because only? Make yourself a small plan where you want to start. Maybe at the location or you already know where you’re getting married? Then, it will pull you anyway to bridal gowns. Your future will run friends afterwards and definitely the first time ask yourself “What I did on here just me?”. Don’t worry – I have a solution. He can then choose the music and the sedan first. That will keep him determined for a while in a good mood. Finally enjoys her along the great fashion show and look forward to the upcoming Festival!

I’m tremendously cocked on the special exhibition «how to celebrate your wedding in style» a wedding is unforgettable-this all bridal couples have in mind, when they plan their wedding feast. PinkFisch and Suz show cake art, as an individual and creative wedding decoration can be put: A color theme or a mood enough to room decoration, wedding cake, table decoration, give-aways and souvenir photos put together an imaginative mix. The special shows ideas and products to make the wedding decoration itself, but also suggestions when professionals at the plant should go. Or the Wedding Forumget tips and inspiration from experts such as: «fit for the wedding»-relieved by the preparations of officer Caterina Pelosato Bieg à-la-carte wedding.

Everything you need to know can be found in the useful and practical mobile exhibition guide: Our site Then nothing more in the way of your lucky start in the successful wedding planning – is you have fun!