Extensions for the Bride: Practice Test and Tips from A Pro

Today comes a post on the subject: I’d known me before my wedding!

Extensions for the Bride Practice Test and Tips from A Pro

I admit it: If someone had suggested to me to let me do extensions into the hair, I would have irritated easily this small fold between my eyes made and the answer would have been obvious: of course not! On the issue of extensions I had pictures of wedding hairstyles before me, where sideways over the right shoulder hard a thick clump is hair, neither colour nor otherwise matched to the rest of the bride. Artificially just. Well, there’s a problem with me, maybe some of you know: I have extremely fine hair.
Wished for but to the wedding a updo hairstyle, as with floral in it. I just wanted that. Turn all familiar: when brides want what. Then that is not “maybe” or could “under circumstances”. Then it’s:
Here you can see the result:
I had my updo, because I for that nine months had bred my short hair me on a length, which actually was not enough for a updo hairstyle. But my stylist what just so good that it was enough.
So much for the starting position: on the head extremely thin hair in this inside the heartfelt desire for wallender mane of curls – the whole garnished with massive prejudice against extensions.
When the Swiss manufacturer Ruby Extensions have asked me whether I wanted to write about their product, came exactly these three thoughts in my head: “oh, that would be nice, a true dolle updo with full hair!”
Then: “extensions, oh no, no way, that it determined totally artificial looks.”
Finally: “OK, send the stuff over, but only under one condition: I want to personally try it out with a professional stylist, themselves look, touch, and convince me that it can look good, and not artificially.” So we have all of us in the L ‘ estetica Rheinfelden hit, photographer Juliane (you can book by the way, very much like for your wedding, makes great pictures, hot tip from me) came to geduest with their camera from Waldshut.
Important: natural hair ribbons, logical. We have tested clip Extensions – ideal for the updo you want to wear the a, special day.
Laura has draped the extensions at her colleague. You will be made not directly on the scalp and the hair. Then, put a lock on the brackets and everything well stuck.
You can see me with critical views – but, how should I say: it looked really good. Of course, chic – perfect for a lush bridal hairstyle.
Chapeau, dear Laura, great work!
Then the makeup – important announcement to all brides here on the Hochhrein: Laura from l ‘ estetica Rheinfelden just got.
Here the action again in Nice before and after version:
If you are now ready to throw your preconceptions overboard, Laura has some practical tips for you:
Be sure to make a professional leave (that says not Laura, I say!)
Choose the professional together with the correct extensions order (there are confusing many qualities)
the extensions must be previously in the appropriate hair color dyed and curled with the straightening iron if necessary
Clip extensions are suitable for a wedding hairstyle that should hold a day,
The extensions wash after using a special detergent, then they can be used for many years or also recolored (for the next bride)
For a beautiful updo you need extensions of at least 50 cm length
As with all bridal hairstyles: before be sure leave a trial hairdo
Small addition of Juliane for all art lovers among you. Still life: Laptop to toiletries front mirror.
I like that Yes.
Thanks to the great extensions test team. It has really made fun!
What do you mean? If you like to try it out: Ruby Extensions has a promo code for you set up, with the get your 20% discount: Promo22
I wish you have fun making hair!