Experience the Galapagos

On this journey, we will discover one of the earth’s most magical places in terms of animals and nature. Here in the Galapagos, the animals are not afraid of us humans but we get really close, and it is precisely the contact that gives such a wonderful and unique feeling. On this journey, we concentrate on feeling that feeling and forgetting all the stress. We stay in the Galapagos for 9 days, which is much longer than you usually do on trips to the Galapagos. There is an additional package with both St. Cruz and San Cristobal if you are interested in seeing more. You then get a very complete trip to the Galapagos.

Experience the Galapagos 2

Day 1. Travel to Quito (Ecuador)
Flights from Scandinavia to Quito, the capital of Ecuador. Our guide meets up and takes us to the hotel. Overnight in Quito.

Day 2. Quito
Today is free time to explore Quito, this beautiful colonial city. Take the opportunity to complete your pack before leaving for the Galapagos. We will meet and discuss throughout our stay. Overnight in Quito (breakfast)

Day 3. Flight and boat to Galapagos (Isabela)
In the morning we fly to the island of Baltra, from where it takes about 2 hours, including boat ride across the strait, to reach Puerto Ayora, Santa Cruz Island. We have lunch at a restaurant, and then we continue with a fast boat about 2.5 hours to today’s stage destination, Isabela, the largest and one of the youngest islands in the archipelago. After checking in at the hotel, our guide will take us around the village, and show shops and restaurants, which you may want to try during your stay here. Overnight at Isabela. (Breakfast).

Day 4. Excursion to Flamingo Lake and Turtle Center
We wake up in this South Sea dream with fantastic beaches and wonderful climate. Today there will be an excursion to the turtle center, and we start with a walk along the beach, and then continue on paths and bridges over Lake Flamingo, with many seabirds, such as flamingos, ibis, shorebirds and many others. By the lake there are many marine iguanas, resting in the brackish water. We later reach the Centro de Crianza Tortugas Gigantes, where giant turtles are bred, which border on extinction. After the visit, we walk back for a little siesta. Anyone who wants can in the afternoon go down to the beach and swim. Overnight at Isabela. (Breakfast).

Day 5. Snorkeling Tour – Concha y Perla
In the morning, free time for relaxation. After lunch it is time for snorkeling. We take a short walk through the mangrove forest towards El Embarcadero and a shallow bay, which is perfect for swimming and snorkeling, where it is common to find shoals of fish, playful sea lions and the occasional Galapagos penguin. Sometimes you also see rays coming into the bay to rest. Overnight at Isabela. (Breakfast).

Day 6. Boat trip to Tintoreras
Today we will take a boat trip in the bay outside the provincial capital Puerto Villamil. During the tour you get to see and experience much of what the Galapagos is known for. The boat takes us to Tintoreras, a few small islands in Villamils ​​bay. The Galapagos penguin lives on the islands – the world’s only tropical penguin, which nests in the northern hemisphere. We walk through a mysterious landscape of lava rocks, where we find a colony of marine guinea pigs, and on to lava canals, where the white-finned reef shark likes to lie and rest. On the way back we stop to snorkel at small beaches and coves. We can see sharks, sea lions, sea turtles and various species of rays. Overnight at Isabela. (Breakfast).

Day 7. Hiking on the Sierra Negra Volcano
Isabela has a lot to do for those who want to. If you just want to relax in this fabulous environment, of course it also works well. Today we will explore the Sierra Negra volcano, and it is a hike that may not suit everyone, especially if you have difficulty walking. We will take us to the world’s second largest volcanic crater, and we will start with a hike through the highlands, until we reach the edge of the Sierra Negra volcano, an active volcano with a recent eruption in 2017. We hike along the edge of this colossal, 9 km in diameter, lava-filled craters. We continue down into the crater of Volcan Chico next to the Sierra Negra, and here we can see more of the incredible lava formations and the puffing smoke from the underground. Bring Lunch included. Overnight at Isabela. (Breakfast).

Day 8. Day off or Boat Tour – Los Tuneles (Optional)
All day for your own adventures on your own. The tour guide is happy to give you tips on various sights. The nearby beach is a beautiful, 4 km long beach, and here you can relax and walk, while watching different species of migratory birds. There is also some free time to explore the city for yourself and discover some of the neighborhoods where locals have fun. Overnight at Isabela. (Breakfast).

For those who are really interested in snorkeling, we have a voluntary tour, which takes you to one of the real great places on the trip, namely Los Tuneles. We lay out at 9 from the pier, and after an hour’s boat ride we reach Los Tuneles. and from the boat you can see large giant mantles on the surface as well as the occasional sea turtle (if you are lucky), sometimes even dolphins. Getting into the bay where Los Tuneles is located can be a bit tricky, due to the surf. Once inside the bay, it is calm and the water is crystal clear. Here it’s like snorkeling in an aquarium! Los Tuneles is perhaps the most amazing place you will ever visit in the Galapagos. After we have finished snorkeling here, we return to the hotel.

Day 9. Holiday
Free time to just relax and take in all the fantastic impressions we have had this week. Overnight at Isabela. (Breakfast).

Day 10. Puerto Ayora
After a spartan breakfast, we go to the port and take the boat to Puerto Ayora. In the afternoon we take a walk to Tortuga Bay and then follow a hiking trail and a beautiful promenade, which is surrounded by cacti, Palo Santo trees and Matasarno trees. We are then rewarded, after the walk in the sun, with a spectacular white sandy beach that stretches along the south coast of Santa Cruz. Tortuga Bay beach is known for its pristine shoreline that gradually takes us down to the sparkling Pacific Ocean. The hike is about 6 km. (NOTE! Optional of course). Overnight in Puerto Ayora on Santa Cruz. (Breakfast).

Day 11. Flight to Guayaquil
After breakfast, transfer to Baltra airport and flight to the mainland. Once in Guayaquil, we check into a hotel and later in the afternoon can stroll around the large beach plaza and digest all the impressions from this fantastic experience. Overnight in Guayaquil. (Breakfast).

Day 12. Return from Guayaquil
Transfer to the airport for our flight back to Scandinavia. (Breakfast)

Day 13. Homecoming
Today we land at home in Scandinavia after a fantastic trip.

Experience the Galapagos