Elke And Stefan-Promise of Love In Nature

It goes hand in hand through spacious meadows, where grasses bend reverently in the wind of love. They affirmatively bow down, as if they knew long ago that has a Yes that fundamentally change the life these two lovers.

Elke and Stefan have chosen the glory of nature, in the midst of trees growing up and tänzelnder the noise of old trees to listen to grass, softly reverberating the question of all questions: will you marry me?

It is a Verlobungsshooting with photographer Kerstin Walker in the forest. A natural scenery, which adopted the summer day and slowly but surely the gentle calm of winter in. Here, in the middle of the greenery and meadow tumult, Elke and Stefan promise eternal love. With an oath on early marriage. Romance and force of nature fit well together since time immemorial.

Two dark figures move still on moss-covered pathways, past aged FIR and rotten wood, which probably both have the time across many times before the magic of love itself pass saw. As time passes and young shoots in heavy foliage transforms the hopeful steps of the young lovers soft opening at the bottom.

Like love itself, which only teasingly starts us and let go – until she one day with only a question sweet persuaded us to stay. And us is remembered at our life on such a walk in the forest… Certainly, Elke and Stefan!