Eleven Reasons That See My Big Greek Wedding We Feel as Well

And it’s not just because my big Greek wedding 2 opens and is not more see the first part to bring us up to date and remember the efforts of Toula to become independent from the fate that his family has reserved for her. My big Greek wedding is one of those small movies and free large aires that you leave with a good taste in the mouth and a mental state similar to an afternoon of laughter with your friends. And give you eleven reasons.

1. the makeover of Toula is so real that it could happen to anyone.

We are so accustomed to that in romantic comedies the heroin is a gorgeous girl posing as ugly with the help of glasses and a horrible hairstyle, which the character played by Nia Vardalos is like a breath of fresh air. So credible, so normal, that we can’t help but empathize with her instantly.

2 but what actually comes is its internal makeover.

The really magical character of Toula is How is winning trust little by little, as it is clear sunglasses and clothing in SAC. As approaching the University to make a cursillo and stringing it with another, another and another… Taking his true personality and small changes in your life rushing pasito a pasito. As a normal person, we will.

3 teach. us that large families are wonderful.

It is wonderful to have parents who love you, you clothe and take care of you. Be surrounded by fifty relatives (and other thirty and many sub-parientes) that worry about any problem that you cross is a treasure. A circle of security that will support you throughout your life.

4 and at the same time, a punishment.

They get into your life, you think of everything you do, they conspire against you… Yes large families can be a cross. And that is the comic based on the film, what arouses us laughter, but also tenderness. They do not because of wickedness, it is that you want, is that they believe that they do so for your sake, is that are very wrong, but don’t know.

5. the good food unites us all.

Especially our mother, our grandmother’s and that aunt who makes a yummy lamb. Celebrate everything around a table, eating and drinking, shouting and armando much scandal is inherent in our culture. And as we told you long ago in this article, one of the reasons why we are more positive and happy.

6 shows. us that that study is important.

No need to remove a superior engineering to give a twist to your life. Toula is targeted to a small course at the University and that already by itself represents a great change, the opportunity to engage in something that makes you happy and be more independent

7 and when you want someone to give is not giving.

For Ian give in to the demands of Toula is no problem: hiding their relationship at the beginning, follow to the letter the traditions of his family, adapted to their culture, be baptized according to the Greek Rite, moving into the home of next… For they are small sacrifices (almost gives us you the impression that which feels worse is she) to change with the love of his life.

8. When you independizas you you miss family traditions that before you odiabas.

Small mashed vegetables our mothers we hated or having to go to the great-aunt who always forced us to eat some pasta so dry that we left without gastric juices. But now we sigh to dine a piping hot plate of that mash and we laugh remembering the stories of that old aunt. In the background, the things we thought we hated now produce us a terrible nostalgia and they are the link with those people who we have trained and we have both taken care.

9 being different can be cause of flushing.

Toula’s father is so obsessed with defending their culture that falls into ridicule many times, for example trying to prove that all the words (even the word kimono) are a Greek root. But their inability to put true comic point to adapt to the country in which you live, the world which is changing and the concerns of his daughter, as you also have here.

10 but also of pride.

We all have a family inheritance, some traditions and a way of looking at life. OK where we come from, our culture and traditions, is accepting who we are in reality.

11 and the most important thing: If you’re not happy with your life can change it.

At the end of the movie, Toula is a woman very different from the principle: is a profession that likes, has studied, is married to the man that she wanted, has a daughter and has retained the love of his family. and without having to do anything drastic.

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