Dress Code for The Wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton. Day Luxury Wedding

The ideal for any event or ceremony is to indicate the dress code demanded. Far from seeing it as a demand, regard it as a support. And if when the time comes you’re not dressed correctly for the occasion? This situation may be most uncomfortable and the hours are longer than ever. For the wedding of the Prince William and Catherine Middleton There is a dress code.

It is indicated in the official invitation: Dress: Uniform, Morning Coat or Lounge Suit. As you can see, is addressed to the Knights who go to attend the Royal Wedding on April 29.


Why there is no specific dress for them? “Already discussed it on another occasion in Embelezzia:”the Lady adapts to the label of the Knight. If the Knight wear tuxedo, the Lady goes long. If he wears a morning suit, the Lady must be short.”

Indeed, such as advise experts Protocol as Sarah Hayward, the ladies must be short: It is a wedding day. Decide to go short (not too short) or long pants does not exist in the female rules of Protocol for weddings.

Any color except white Since the bride has the exclusive. At a family wedding, an aunt of the groom wanted to take advantage of their fantastic set in silk wild ivory looked in an own special anniversary. I cannot understand it, so given that is in matters of Protocol. It was not a mistake but a lack of respect.

From black? Although we often forget it, it is a color that led day symbolizes the mourning.

Something as essential as a small bag or a wallet is the hat. Fantastic model of the photo above is a creation of the British Philip Treacy. This designer has as clients to the ladies of the British Royal family.

The Knights

One may not think in a Tuxedo for a wedding day: never. It is a strictly nocturnal male party attire. As indicated in the dress of the invitation, the right thing is the formal three-piece suit (Lounge suit), the morning coat (Morning Coat) or in the case of military uniform.

The top hat is mandatory. Ladies should not be removed the hat or the pamela to enter the Church or anywhere else with a roof. But the men inside the Church they should remove it and take it with one hand on a side. I can’t even imagine the feeling of a guest that will lead for the first time: rare as little.

I’m anxious to see all of the fantastic (and absurd, there always are) looks that will parade on April 29. The wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton are one exceptional luxury gateway. From Embelezzia we miss us detail.